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Description: Redline_Racer creates sounds that change when upgrading cars based on either turbo boost or total bhp.

Redline_Racer/RedlineRacer96 has created a way to change the sound samples used ingame based on the level of tuning your engine receives. This allows for accurate sound representation for both stock and modified engines within the game.

The code is still in its most basic form, but both videos give an idea of how it can work. The plan is to release a game that contains these features and many more additional features in the near future.

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2015-06-19 15:34
The... Derip Hill | SLRR
Posted by Sterling In News
The... Derip Hill | SLRR By TheCrash Channel

Tags: Derby , Hill , Video , Youtube
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Control Panel:


Got the exhaust done on my car and it's sounds so good


@omega123 What do you mean with "custom scripting" and "old style scripting"?

omega123 |

i give up i cannot do body just noticed lol :)

omega123 |

*YAWN* custom scripting da 83 vandua cos v8 doesn't fit. old style scripting is hard to do so i'm goin custom

desgor |

He said there will be no cheat codes included, but If I remember correctly, than a sandbox or free mode will be avaivable.

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