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Description: I've remade the old C1 Loop converted from racer, its been re-scaled, has more buildings, and will have AI added soon! (:

Also showcases:
Custom Physics/Car Dynamics
Stock (no upgrades) RB26 Sounds

And yes, it will be released soon, but for now enjoy the teaser ;)


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2014-06-25 16:17
Chevrolet Caprice (Fixed)
Posted by NITROLANCER1 In News
Click the pic!

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2014-06-17 21:10
BeamNG Pre-Race Update in 4 Days
Posted by Singh In News

Description: The much anticipated update for BeamNG Drive will be coming out in 4 days.

I'm personally very excited to see the results of the pre-race update coming out in 4 days from today.

For those familiar to the BeamNG Drive game you already know the update contains major updates to the games interface and core physics. I expect major changes to the gameplay and feel across all aspects of the game.

This brings the game one step closer to exiting the alpha build stages and entering into a more mature build.

The amount of momentum already rolling for this games community support is outstanding to say the least. I see this game having very big potential in many areas.

It must be noted the similarities between BeamNG and Street Legal Racing Redline.

The true soft body physics bringing dynamic vehicle damage and collision far further than imagined possible with SLR.

A working parts system for vehicles suggests possibility of major gameplay mods that can't help but consider an SLR garage scene with click to install / uninstall that most of you love.

True aerodynamic physics making body aero on a vehicle so effective that even planes will fly in the game with no pre defined tweaks. Expect true and accurate aero performance when done properly within end-mods.

The ease of making new terrains and maps really balances the complexity of dealing with developing add-on car mods.

While some will complain about the difficulty (including myself at times) of developing add-on cars for this game it is important to understand the level of complexity and functionality possible. The result is well worth the award. With continuing support and development of modding tools to help streamline and simplify the modding process I expect that making these mods will be easier than it is to currently develop and release an add-on car for SLR.

You should recognize that in the beginning days of SL1 and SLR release... modding was very difficult and the quality of such mods we nowhere near todays standards. It was a steep and difficult learning curve for the community, the progress within the given time that beamNG has been out so far makes me convinced that this will be an easier road compared to street legal modding in the early days.

Don't be afraid to get into a new game early, you might be glad you did.


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    Singh |

    email or pm me some links of this happening or send me screenshots, i haven't seen anything happen myself but im not around much.

    apendix |

    Well I would.Just my 2 cents.

    mike. |

    I remember a few occasions, yes. And I wouldn't call those "provoking"

    apendix |

    I do not wish to flame on anyone specific right now. I am just saying these things happen and I believe you remember the case.

    mike. |

    examples of said behavior?

    apendix |

    Singh, I might email you some time, I get banned every once in a while by some rookie admins just because they provoke me to a fight and expect me to back down.

    KeeJay13 |

    @Singh - why don't make pinned topic about dead links?

    SLRR M0ding |

    @Singh nope BenyUK has returned.

    7UPTWIST |

    I don't think Benny is done with SLR because he made a video a couple days ago with it

    Singh |

    If BennyUK wants to come back to this site with his original username (because I'm sure he is on here with a different one) he can email me and request a ban lift and i'm sure we can work it out. singhiskingh@gmail.com

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