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2014-10-19 16:47
Website updates / home page changes etc
Posted by Singh In News
Hey, today I'm working on the website and making some changes.

First thing, I've added this link in your control panel now on the home page. This should only show you latest forum posts / threads / downloads / pages / articles etc that you haven't seen yet or that have updated since your last visit.

Also I plan changing the layout of the home page to serve you better with the content that you need most with less clicks.

This is experimental so if it doesn't prove to speed up user flow over time we can always revert to this layout or another one if you have suggestions.

I will talk more about this later but I plan to once again upgrade to a faster server which will increase monthly costs by a good amount but so far our current dedicated box isn't really performing as well as I hoped overall.

This opens the next part of news that some might not be happy about but be assured this won't hinder your user experience. I will need to run an ad campaign throughout the pages of the website replacing most of my "home ads".

If this campaign can cover half or more of the hosting expenses then we will be in good secure shape for the future.

I'll keep you all up to date.

Thank you.



The home page layout changes have been made. Some new articles have been added including a n00b guide to slrr thanks to the best website ever made in the world - vstanced thanks thanks thanks thanks everybody go there and say thanks.

Also I've begun to put together a page for the 2014 top mods for SLRR as well. This is a work in progress and I'm hoping for some help from the rest of the admin team to get everything in there.

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I want to collect feedback this week from the active members of this community about what features they would like to see in a new "SLR" type game made in accordance to today's technological standards ?

What do you love most about street legal racing redline that keeps you playing 10 years later ?

What would you like to see in a new "SLR" ? Multiplayer is obvious but what else ?

What current and relevant games are you playing besides SLR and why ? Would like to see those features if any in a new game ?

I want to collect "bare bones" information , PLEASE do NOT write excessive explanations try to keep everything as simple and straight to the point as possible.

The purpose of this query / poll is to get an idea of what the community as a whole is interested in seeing in a new game... if one was ever to be created.

Any questions regarding a new game or detailed information will be ignored and / or deleted in order to keep the topic clean !

Thank you !

Please keep all replies to this post in our official topic linked here:

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2014-10-13 06:53
Rev Physics Alpha
Posted by mindedrift In News

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Control Panel:

mindeliszz |

@Singh SLR LICENSED author is not Miran, it's Mihon

Singh |

that's weird i haven't yet... I'll try from my gfs phone and see if there is any difference but I doubt it. do you get it everytime ? and other sites work fine ?

oxman99 |

I got 504 time out error when on 4g

Singh |

like i said, for some reason it loads fine on mobile devices, whether they be on 4G data or wifi at home... however on laptop / pc chrome firefox etc the site is very slow. I've contacted the host and asked to switch servers. we are (apparently who can really know) on a dual core whatever with 4gb ram and 500gb hard drive and there isnt any details on the connection line. server im moving to c2750 8 core cpu 8gb ram 1TB hard drive x2 in raid config etc. I'll see how that goes if it still sucks I'll find another host maybe overseas.

Bigg Boss93 |

yeah it is faster for me too now, it loaded in a second(or less)

Grudas |

terrible? it's much faster for me from london :)

dG.Cyanide |

Loving the new implementations to the site Singh, a lot easier to use and is very nicely laid out. Just one issue, the loading times are terrible any info or something about that?

Singh |

oh yes, thanks :) I thought you mean a particular one like the top voted mods etc. I want to get peoples opinions on the changes though I know how most people react to change and its usually negative.

Bigg Boss93 |

wow nice new home Singh! looks way better than before

Defiant |

The new ones you put up, like moto projects, best mods 2014 etc

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