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2016-02-05 13:58
Honda Civic 1991 4th gen
Posted by blast In News

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2016-02-04 06:13
SLRR by Moh Supercharged
Posted by moh supercharged In News

Description: its uploaded and realesed the SLRR by Moh Supercharged,its a 2.2.1 mwm with more than 210 cars and alot and alot of engines and random mods (texture pack,enb,physics,......)

Tags: Slrr , Mods , Mwm , 2.2.1
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2016-01-16 23:20
2.3.1 Beta Release, Vote NOW
Posted by Singh In News
Are you interested in seeing a sooner release for 2.3.1 ?

Read the details and vote here

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Control Panel:

Racedriver43 |

It's done! Gonna play it later though.

Racedriver43 |

I'm kinda busy at the moment with modding SLR:R if it doesn't want to crash for some reason, even though the Javas are perfectly fine.

Fireful0 |

You could always do mine! :)) Now that I have a war started with all of the members who joined the competition... :))

Racedriver43 |

I can't decide which one I want to vote for...

Fireful0 |

I know, moh supercharged's version is huge, but that means it has some good mods! :) The competition sure will be tough!

Racedriver43 |

1 Hour, and about 25 minutes, and Moh Supercharged SLRR is still upacking...

Moonlander08 |

The competition will be tough :v

Fireful0 |

Voting has started for the 2016 Classic Muscle Car Drag Race Competition!

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