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2014-08-20 06:17
New Custom Handling physics!
Posted by mindedrift In News
First released physics after simcade (afaik)

I hope you like it :)
Click here to get it!

Tags: Custom , Physics
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2014-08-17 18:37
Honda Civic EJ1/EJ2 Beta
Posted by Thyago In News

Description: Honda Civic EJ1/EJ2 Beta

Honda Civic EJ1/EJ2 Beta


Tags: No tags
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2014-08-09 14:09
Honda Rimpack
Posted by Thyago In News

Description: Honda Rimpack

Honda Rimpack



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    dG.Cyanide |

    Yeah all bits are modeled of the car, it's epic. All though most will have to wait till November.

    Singh |

    yea CARS looks pretty good i haven't tried it. i don't play many pc games honestly. the model details looked great though i have an e30 m3 in max from CARS.

    EddieR32 |

    hi guys i´m a member from gom team since 2006 and all this years i looking for a good conversion from a audi tt 8n can some one help me with this??? tanks

    7UPTWIST |

    Just finished bioshock infinite. And man what a very confusing game.

    dG.Cyanide |

    Oh fair enough, I reckon it'll be great with the derby arena. So yeah I think it is actually going to considering it's got that track and perhaps other things that I've overlooked. Can't wait for when it is huge. Another game you may want to check out is Project CARS, I've had it since 2013 or so, been apart of the team finding bugs reporting etc, but its amazing. Try racing a 800hp F1 car, weighing 650Kg on Nurburgring on slicks in the storm with another 20 or 30 cars with you, it's intense. The game is beautiful, perfection is all I can say for it.

    Singh |

    yea i think its a pretty solid plan but it isn't in the timeline yet

    dG.Cyanide |

    Hey Singh do you know if Beam NG will be multiplayer?

    Singh |

    i made a thread for stuff im printing, check it out :D http://streetlegalmods.com/forums?m=posts

    Singh |

    im sure the development will be solid, but it can go either way. I just know the direction for SLRR at this point is not "up" any longer.

    Pedro_Takumi |

    Singh as a point and a good one.only the future will tell who is right but slrr will be limited to some point.BeamNG, I don't know but for 15 euros for a game is good, it only depends where development goes

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