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2014-11-04 18:32
Garage Tuning in Unity3D by Wichur
Posted by Singh In News
What would Street Legal Racing Redline by like without bugs and a new game engine ?

Wichur can show you ! He's working on re creating the game entirely.

Follow his progress here

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2014-10-31 14:22
Server move and upgrade today
Posted by Singh In News
Due to the lack of performance with this current server setup, the terrible customer support from 1and1.com and the random downtimes (like earlier this week for 11 hours) I ordered a new server from another company.

Today the server is finally ready and operational so I am in the process of moving the site files and database over to the new server.
During this time I'll leave the website live until the database migration. The site will go into maintenance mode once I am moving the DB and directing the domain to the new IP... when you start to see the site operational again it will be on the new server (hopefully).

Also, this isn't just a switch in hosting companies and server move.. Its also an upgrade :)

Current server specs

AMD Dual Core
2 Cores x 2.6 GHz
500 GB (2 x 500 GB SATA)

New Server Specs:
Dual Intel Xeon 5639
2.13Ghz - 2 Processors
12 Cores / 24 Threads

As well as a 1gbit connection line.

Pretty excited to see the difference in performance after the move !

UPDATE: We are now on the new server.

Everything else in the website should be working as before.. but a ton faster now.

Upload.streetlegalmods.com is now fully operational as well.

Cheers !

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Control Panel:

Singh |

sounds like they will both have room in the industry to be successful

desgor |

Not so sure, AC reminds me of to much rFactor. As good as that game got with mods etc., I still had something against it. pCars too was comunity based, but on different scheme.

Singh |

thats good to know

svander |

Dont like pCars that much, I bought Assetto a long time ago, and tried pCars after that... AC has THE physics and tweakable graphics in many aspects, besides, their producers do focus on what the community wants

desgor |

It goes for 50 EUR, ~62 USD on pre.

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