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2014-07-27 16:37
Clean Daytime Valo City
Posted by NITROLANCER1 In News
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Tags: Slrr , 221 , Clean , Valo , City
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Description: I've remade the old C1 Loop converted from racer, its been re-scaled, has more buildings, and will have AI added soon! (:

Also showcases:
Custom Physics/Car Dynamics
Stock (no upgrades) RB26 Sounds

And yes, it will be released soon, but for now enjoy the teaser ;)


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2014-06-25 16:17
Chevrolet Caprice (Fixed)
Posted by NITROLANCER1 In News
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    VTpro |

    Havent been on here in ages, something happened to my old account, i was Acidcore. Hey Dave, whats up?

    7UPTWIST |

    I can't believe my slrr video is still my most viewed video with 120 views

    Singh |

    I should make a thread for the M5 soon, gonna do some upgrades on that.

    7UPTWIST |

    Yeah a while ago it seemed like I reached the max amount of cars.

    KeeJay13 |

    Well, SLRR never will be stable. But this time I have about 80 cars, and it works.

    7UPTWIST |

    "working" there still needs some things to be buffed out but i've gotten better at fixing errors

    7UPTWIST |

    Nah, Thanks for the offer but I passed that error and now my game is working.

    KeeJay13 |

    F_tires? Franco's 19"s pack? I think I could fix it

    7UPTWIST |

    Finally fixed it only had to rebuild my parts folder 4 times

    7UPTWIST |

    Now it's mad about F_tires Scripts. Didn't someone make a fix for that a long time ago?

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