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2017-12-12 10:02
Assassins Creed Black Flag
Posted by munkeh In News

Description: Free 12/11/17 to 12/18/17

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2017-11-26 12:44
Posted by Defiant In News

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2017-11-23 16:47
DiRT Rally [-80%] + [-15%]
Posted by Sterling In News

Click Image for link!

(Apply code GMGBLACKFRIDAY to get a further 15% off)

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munkeh |

assassins creed black flags free on ubisofts site

Fireful0 |

New song to celebrate the Christmas season: https://soundcloud.com/fireful0s_music_productions/deck-the-halls

Fireful0 |

Sounds like good ideas. :)

Jfernando1 |

Has anyone got any better suggestions for Christmas implementations on screenshots? (Or just save it for the competition).

Jfernando1 |

Or; you could do theme on a different level, opting to recreate a vehicle from a movie of which is set within that period.

Jfernando1 |

For example; theme, such as having snow in the background or a livery/paintjob to compliment the season (in the UK, it would probably just be much rust, but stickers and various subtle hints at the season would also be good), and the map, of which would be specific.

Fireful0 |

Sounds like a good idea! How would Christmas be implemented in it?

Jfernando1 |

Might start a Christmas screenshot competition soon. Anyone have objections to that?

Fireful0 |

Haven't played an NFS since Hot Pursuit. :))

munkeh |

i have been playing Payback despite its bugs its pretty fun

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