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2017-11-23 16:47
DiRT Rally [-80%] + [-15%]
Posted by Sterling In News

Click Image for link!

(Apply code GMGBLACKFRIDAY to get a further 15% off)

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Some of you guys helped me test this map and I'm thankful for that. It's only a test map for some touge/drifting on a mountain road. The collisions were previously very wonky and messed up but thanks to the testing we've done I figured out why and now the game won't suffer from those problems anymore (intentionally at least.) In the coming days I will release the multiplayer branch to everyone so everyone can have a chance at trying out multiplayer and further helping me test out the architecture but with a larger audience. hope everyone is ready for that! :) Also, EXTREME SUPER ULTRA LATE BRAKING TECHNIQUE.

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2017-11-21 18:24
SGD - New / Used Car Dealer
Posted by Defiant In News

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Morpheus Hell |

Same to you all, like Dave wrote ;-)

Fireful0 |

Hiya Singh! Totally agree Stevo. We are more mature. (Although, sometimes we turn into kids. Haha! )

Singh |

happy thanksgiving ! i wish i had the time to be around more.

Stevo2 |

I have to agree with Defiant.. this site seems to have a lot more modders posting than other sites, VS tends to be 'RP' central, although there's nothing wrong with that if you're a twelve year old I guess.

Fireful0 |

Yup! Happy Thanksgiving, peeps!

devilrider666 |

Happy bird day guys.. Hope its a good day for all.

Defiant |

Happy thanksgiving guys

Fireful0 |

Kali not Mali. :))

Fireful0 |

But you can run Linux on your phone. I have gotten Ubuntu and Mali to run on my phone before. But I have android and I know Defiant uses iphone.

Defiant |

I don't use my PC for anything personal. Just 3D stuff and managing GOM.

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