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2013-03-26 16:01
Some rules to keep in mind
Posted by hungarianfreak In News
First: NO REQUESTS, but if anybody want to hear some ideas, you can make one. Otherwise not.
Second: No "Yaaay, I'm first" posts.
Third: If you bump to a year old thread, make sure you have something important to say. If not, don't post it. Also, don't make thread about any pointless thing such as a single pic/video, etc.
And I don't want to repeat myself, but check if there is another thread of the same category. So, DO NOT MAKE new topics about car&part search.
Also, check this topic BEFORE you post something about a game error.

+1: Mike's five things to do before posting

1 - T - THINK. Think if your post has a meaning, what do you want to know or tell the rest of us.
2 - O - OBEY. This sounds like monarchy but still we have rules for posting, follow them.
3 - P - PICK (Gosh, better word is needed :D) But pick the correct words to make you point understandable.
4 - I - INITIATE. Post it.
5 - C - CHECK. Check your post for spelling errors and change them :)

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2013-03-18 03:57
2011 Mazda 2
Posted by blast In News
In Download sections

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2013-03-09 01:40
Audi RS4
Posted by Bigg Boss93 In News


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Control Panel:


I don't think its one of yours

Luke23 |

So. I want to release a songpack for slrr. But am I allowed to upload a mod with REAL songs in it? (such as eurobeat)?

Fireful0 |

Find out if what was one of my mods?


Fireful0 Did you find out if its one of the MODs you edited ?

Stevo2 |

that was a 'Plus 1' btw

Stevo2 |

@ Defiant, 1 to that bro.You typed what I was thinking.. especially as you say, there is a plug-in in the DL section (and the link does work!).

Defiant |

Quit being so whiny.

Lonely Wolf |

Glad to see that you are all SO helpful to those in need... I guess when the problem requires more than going on Google you'd rather let the person suffer. I can't use Max without the OBJ import/export and since I can't get it, I can't mod. What happened to this place being there for each other...

Lonely Wolf |

and guess what didn't work... seriously, can someone send me a working plugin or script or whatever via PM... i want to mod again damnit.

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