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The hot summer days are now gone, but we can still enjoy some virtual summer racing, and what better place to do it than Monaco?
Grab your gear, because we have another competition going on (after a fairly long pause).
Buy it. Build it. Tune it. Race it. Crash it.

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2012-10-07 15:01
Release SLRR FlatOut Live Edition
Posted by GTR-X-ITE In News

Description: New mod by GTR-X-ITE

Go to the topic mod
Go to page torrent
Download torrent

Thank you to everyone who helped me to develop and support all the time :-)

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2012-10-05 18:39
BB93's Paint mod
Posted by Davidov In News \ SL Download News
Hey guys, you might want to check out this little something BB93 made. It's a new set of paint colours and a few adjustments to the paint and part drawer. Click the pic to go to the DL page.

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Control Panel:

LamboFreak |

moder, the Rocket Bunny S15 is on Creation Game Mode's VK page.

Labex300 |

VIPKA HOLY SHIT YOU KILLED ME BRO. Vipka mods arent vip mods , is fkin shit leaked , only the RX7 , some S13 and Thyago Vip , 2JZ by FXD and somethings are good.. Other are piece of shit

the best moder |

I didnt know that.I hadnt found it nowhere.But the Nissan silvia s15 rocketbunny is VIP,isnt it?

gorgoil |

That rx7 with supra front isn't VIP, it's here or in vs

the best moder |

I found many VIPKAS mods at vk.I want to use them.I love one RX7 mod with Supra front end swap.

Racedriver43 |

Holy shit. :O

Racedriver43 |

I just listened to the 1nsane soundtrack...

jeff191144 |

problem with nitrous and auto mode (same with boost) is it shifts to early when boost or nitrous comes in


Well, the "automatic" mode is just manual with automatic gearing. what about using a single gear with long range as the last gear on a 6-speed transmission? They work quite well, just takes a little skill to fine to be nearly as good as a multi speed transmission.

gorgoil |

Yeah I always use manual only turbo or only nitro

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