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2012-09-28 02:37
Honda Fit Sport 2009
Posted by Razine In News
I think this will be my last mod hope you like it and enjoy

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2012-09-20 14:52
Game Stock Car DEMO
Posted by RacingCultureGR In News

Description: Game Stock Car

While the full version of Game Stock Car 2012 can buy for 19.99 U.S. dollars, still undecided, had no means the latest Game Stock Car - to test part and had to rely always on videos and screenshots. And it passed. This morning, the Brazilian developer Reiza Studios has released a demo. The demo contains four different series and two routes. It offers 30 days of playing. Below is an overview of all their features and content.

Four different series, each with a vehicle
Stock Car V8
Mini Challenge
Camaro SS
Formula 3

Jacarepagua (Stock Car, Curva Sul, oval and 2005 layouts)

The demo does not include multiplayer support, it is therefore a pure single-player demo for Game Stock Car 2012th


(from gamesreveur.de)

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2012-09-19 13:14
Crash Time 5 - Undercover DEMO!
Posted by RacingCultureGR In News

Description: Demo of Crash Time 5 Undercover is out!

Crash Time 5 Undercover

Around the time until the release of - 28 'Cobra 11 Undercover' on To bridge September 2012 and to demonstrate players and potential buyers a glimpse into the game's storyline, the graphics, the handling and the innovations, today announced a demo for the PC was available for download on the official website for the game provided.
In Demo players can in the scenario 'Alps' play two missions and then go on as many individual races. Tip: Enter the, already from 'Alarm for Cobra 11 - Highway Nights' known cheat code 'wannago' you can disable it during missions or individual races the automatic reset and the whole scenario freely explore. But beware: By end of the game will reset the score and the player must first go back on restarting, both missions.
the scenario, there is much to explore, it is worthwhile to download the demo. Also, the improved handling of the vehicles and the roads are passing many interesting highlights like a ski jump, lakes, bridges, hotels, villages and beautiful views make their contribution to the fun factor.

(description from eleven games)

Go here and download it!


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GrenadePro24 |

Jidousha Shakai dev livestream watch?v=0ZfsvYTAXwc



Krimzon |

Not sure if Sarcasm or Mac user [=

Sterling |

whats this fl studio you speak of?

Krimzon |

I've probably had more usefulness out of Caustic3 for android than I have for LMMS.

Krimzon |

LMMS is ok, It has the feel of FL Studio because it's modeled after it but I found it to crash more than I could handle plus there's a few simple features in FL that LMMS doesn't have and I kept reaching for those features only to not have them. If It would have been at level it's at now when I started, It would have been a great tool to learn on but my needs have grown since then.


Well, one you guys told me there is LMMS available for Linux which does run great.

Krimzon |

I use FL Studio 12 (proud to say I bought it) for music production and it runs in wine but not 100%, and I don't think it has full support on linux yet, other than that I used to mod Ps2, and need windows for most of it, never did get ps2linux to run though.


If not for the need of compatibility (for certain games that lack direct compatibility) which is the only main reason to still run windows nowadays I would say it´s pretty much time to abandon ship since it pretty much heads in the bad direction.

Defiant |

What? My Windows worked perfect for 10 years

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