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Description: new mode!

watch in high quality!

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2012-08-18 06:11
Mihon prime sound wip
Posted by wolf75 In News \ News Videos

Description: sound wip

I'm gonna continue to work on better sounds for the prime engine, but if I see a demand for it I may try working on the sounds for the other V8s. I was thinking of either a ZO6 or 2010 Camaro sound for the MC GT. As Far as the Superduty I have no idea.

fixed by me.

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Description: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air (FM4) RELEASED!

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Control Panel:

gorgoil |

You guys should give look on my wip thread ;) new information, new stuff and some new possibilities

xzibit1993 |


the best moder |

I have a question.What is Slrr.Is it food?

gorgoil |

Because I'm new into this game and I want to know the things related to this game its kinda fun. Build your car then break it down on a wall :D

the best moder |

Why gorgoil says<<I am new in SLRR world>>

the best moder |

I want

Sterling |

Anyone want slrr 2.5 patch before its released?

gorgoil |

I'm new in SLRR world and I want to know where can I find a fully functional drag track with all those stuff as we see in real life. Like light tree, eletronic board and those things. Thanks in advance guys cheers :D

StreetKeningston |


moh supercharged |

What happened to my slrr version ?Both dissapeared

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