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show off your street legal racing redline rides ! Beam NG mods / discussion Hardware / 3D printing 2.3.1 By raxat
SLRR Licensed by Miran
SLRR Remake by Wichur
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2017-01-26 07:08
Posted by Sterling In News

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2017-01-12 14:40
DiRT Showdown [FREE]
Posted by Sterling In News


Sterling - I all ready own this game so if someone would like my steam code PM me on here Claimed By Fireful33!
Credit Gorgoil for the information.

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2017-01-12 01:33
The Big Vote for 2.2.5
Posted by Racedriver43 In News
I know your probably thinking I should be out working on Evo, but I would like to bring some new, original content to 2.2.5, starting with new cars.

Vote here:

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Control Panel:

jeff191144 |

sent request to join

Stevo2 |

Jeff, to join the group just answer the few questions and let Gorgoil know who you are on here ;)

jeff191144 |

Pm me a link to the group I'll create a new Facebook and join it

Stevo2 |

Have you entered Gorgoil's FB comp? it's a 5 round drag comp, first round ends on 23rd so still time... it's very competitive with the top ten current entrants all within one and a half seconds of each other. Oh, and the running spreadsheet is updated daily, usually within an hour of new times being posted. Good fun!

jeff191144 |

i cant even remember if i entered ive been so busy

Stevo2 |

Jeff, it ended on the 9th... that's 9 days ago. Takes me an hour or so to make out a spreadsheet with a dozen entrants, times, car specs, etc.. but I guess some folks need a little more time :s

jeff191144 |

is it still going?

Stevo2 |

I wouldn't hold your breath CC

CannibalCurd |

So, uh... What's with the Drag Comp? Is it abandoned?

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