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2016-08-26 15:19
HRE P104
Posted by gorgoil In News
HRE P104
click on the image to get them!

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2016-08-23 19:53
It's back!! (Sort of.)
Posted by Racedriver43 In News
Hey everyone! Boy do I have some news for you guys. Today, I officially announce the re-opening of Street Legal Racing: Evolution... With some minor changes. The only catch is that it is on standby, so while I will still work on it, it is not entirely returned, and is at the bottom of my active list.

The new name is now Street Racing: Evolution to avoid copyright with AV or Invictus, and some new changes are to occur to the game over all.

A quick F.A.Q. for some questions people may ask:

Q: Are you trying to compete with RAXAT since he's making a SL Successor too?

A: No. I already had this project going before 2.3.1 even released, but I cancelled it due to a lack of progress and modeling skill, and seriousness.

Q: Does that mean you have anything against RAXAT, or ImageCode LLC?

A: No. I respect him and his whole team, and will let them do their own thing.

Q: Is there a release date?

A: No. I work slow, and like Whiplash, you should expect a cancellation, but I've taken development seriously now, but either way, don't expect one.

Q: What bunch of crap do you plan this time?

A: I'm not making the same mistake twice. As little as possible will be spoiled.

Q: Can I get a testing demo?

A: Piss off. You will get one when I release one.

Q: What engine will you be using?

A: Unity 5. Although you're gonna be like: EWWWWW!! THIS GAME IS GONNA SUCK!! It's the best I can work with, and it has great compatibility with Blender, so I can throw everything in without problems.

Q: Will it have good graphics and models?

A: I wouldn't necessarily say yes, as I'd focus more on optimization, and keeping the game running as close as I can to 60FPS. As for models, no, I am no professional studio, and I work alone, so don't expect anything that looks spectacular for a while.

Now on to the main section. For the most part, I am torn where I want to set Vestice County, between Mid-Western US, or somewhere in the Middle East, but I guess I'll leave that to you guys. (Some feedback would be nice!)

For now on vehicles, I'd only say expect the basic SL1, and SLR:R vehicles, and the SWORD MX1 before I move on to anything else.

Customization is same as before. If you didn't pay attention to what it WAS going to be, then it'll be quite extensive to say the least.

As for the cover car, here she is:

I'm sorry it isn't perfect, but you have to remember, I have little skill with modeling, so I need to do extensive work to the roofline to make it look proper, but other than that, it's coming along well.

If you need to contact me for any reason, or would like to join the team, hit me up at:

[email protected]

Sorry you won't get a paycheck for working on the game, but I don't really have a budget, or any money to work with at the moment.

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rajapoker88 |

hello selamat malam semuanya

StreetKeningston |

new fix added, soon i will re-add the full modpack with fixes

Mostwanted |

oh i cant post links :/

Mostwanted |

i need some help figureing what this rock i have is can someone help me find out http://streetlegalmods.com/forums?m=posts

gorgoil |

Probably because he wanted to...

the best moder |

Why Sterling's workshop is locked?

Racedriver43 |

The main patches dropped the game to shit... Especially making it suffer from the problems SLR:R faced.

Racedriver43 |

Does anyone know where I can find SL1 furball patches J,K, and L? The links for them don't work.

jeff191144 |

is there a way to change the max compression you can run?

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