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2017-06-12 15:56
"Forza Motorsport 7 Trailer"
Posted by Sterling In News

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2017-06-12 15:52
"The Crew 2 Trailer"
Posted by Sterling In News

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2017-06-02 17:38
'Need for Speed Payback Trailer'
Posted by Sterling In News

Tags: Nfs
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Control Panel:

Lonely Wolf |

and guess what didn't work... seriously, can someone send me a working plugin or script or whatever via PM... i want to mod again damnit.

Fireful0 |

The script is the plugin. U use the Run Maxscript button.

Lonely Wolf |

that's a script. which i don't know how to use. Can somebody please just .rar up their OBJ plugin and PM me it... I'm frustrated at this point

Lonely Wolf |

the link for that .zip doesn't work. I've seen that page already and tried it. when i click the link it opens a new tab that is just a 1x1 pixel white png.

gorgoil |

Well I'm sure you didn't searched well, I've opened first link I've found on google and BAMMM answer on 3rd post of that first link...https://www.3dbuzz.com/forum/threads/26914-Need-an-OBJ-importer-and-exporter-for-max-5-1

Lonely Wolf |

well google gave me no such plugins. I've been looking and found none.

Fireful0 |

5 can't natively import obj. There are plugins out there that are supposed to import it.

Lonely Wolf |

Does anybody know what the issue is? Without .obj import/export this program is useless to me so i need this fixed

Fireful0 |

You betcha gorgoil!

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