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2017-09-24 17:06
Ford Hot Rod (BETA V2)
Posted by CnG In News

Ford Hot Rod

Click HERE to get it

Tags: Hot Rod , Ford , Model A , 1930
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Description: Rice Burner is currently in Beta.It is just like Street Legal,but for Android.

I have just released a racing game called Rice Burner.It is for Android and yes it is on the Play Store.Similar to Street Legal,you can build your ride from the bottoms up plus more.In future updates,I will add Twin Turbos,HeadLights/TailLights Conversions.It is currently in Beta,so please come and download to support.


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Jfernando1 |

Hello to you too, how are you Fireful0?Also the rest of you guys.

Fireful0 |

Hi peeps!

viru1998 |


Morpheus Hell |

hey streetkeningston it would be great if you read your pm´s and maybe a answer would be great ;-)

StreetKeningston |

there is spam again, yay

Jfernando1 |

I haven't become one, but I know why too.

Fireful0 |

By buying the car from the catalog. :)

Dave1147x |

how do i get a car to build

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