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2008-03-30 01:13
Singh's First Gaming Shots on QX9650
Posted by Singh In News
I finally had a chance to play a game on my new pc, highly impressed with the performance of the cpu mobo and gfx card, and the 22 inch widescreen is totally great for some serious gaming, and not to mention the true logitech surround sound with a pounding subwoofer, very immersing

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2008-03-25 16:28
My PC Blew up
Posted by Singh In News

Whats up guys, I had so much to do this week, and at the perfect time the mount to my cpu heatsink finally broke fully, it halfway broke a few months ago and today it scared the hell outta me when it broke off fully outta no where, crashing down onto my video card and killing the pc like immediately LOL

The good thing is, I have already ordered a new pc a few minutes ago from this laptop, for your information it has the new 9800 GX2 and QX9650 cpu and this XFX 790 sli board, looks very very good. 1300 watt psu ok thats enough i'll post full specs later when i build it.

I wont have the parts in for aobut 2-4 days from now, so i'll be offline completely ! my pc is "totaled" as you would say and I had enough of panther dissing it LOL

So dont worry I aint dead, thats all im trying to say hehe

For my new pc specs check here, im sure its pretty fast

UPDATE: I was able to get together a temporarly cobbed job of a pc together until my parts come in, so i'll actually be online somewhat unless this shit has a meltdown

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2008-03-20 09:44
GOM SAMP Server Specs Released
Posted by Singh In News \ Game News
First for Alistair my good friend this is for you, and USB

Ok 3rd time im making this news post because I keep getting interrupted and accidentally closing my firefox !

GOM will be getting a new Dedi to host the following things :

GOM SAMP Website
GOM IRC Server
GOM Website SQL (for faster performance on this website :) )

Here are the specs

CPU: Dual Core AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+

RAM: DDR2 2gb

HDD: 2 x 250gb RAID 1

Bandwidth: 3000gb (3tb)

We will reserve most of this server to run only those few things above. We intend to let the game mode become extremely popular.

We dont want to talk about the features too much because some rivals will be most definitely wanting to emulate our gamemode into there own. But i'll review a few really fast, about why GOM will rule completely everything. And why Alistair is going to be crying hard.

Mini Economy: Profits of businesses are real profits and you actually make what you sell. Lets give an example.

You own a car dealership. Someone comes to buy a car for 000 , this 50000 goes to you from that a percentage goes to taxes and other fees, the rest is your profit. You dont make any money if you dont sell any cars, and if you cant sell enough to pay your bills you will be evicted.

Businesses like this are / Real Estate / Car * Boat * Bike * Item Shops * Casinos * etc /

Real Estate will make money from the houses sold in their region of sales and money from a house bought goes to the tax dept and the real estate company and its "agents" who are selling the houses.

The Tax department will fun the GOV Orgs like Police, Swat, Army, Secrete Service etc The Tax department will also pay "welfare" for the poor poor members of the community who are too lazy to get up and make money.

When you own a property the property accumulates bills that you must pay if they reach a certin amount u will be evicted thats just the way it goes.

Over time, EVERY single house and business will be for sale on the san andreas map, again EVERY single house and business WILL be for sale. We will assign interiors to the properties nearly all houses will have interiors, if not all of them.

This means Thousands of properties, which allows a user to own up to or more than 10 houses, 10 cars boats bikes planes what ever, 10 businesses depending on the exp level of that player.

Jobs can be applied for IN GAME and without any other players or admins online at the time, you may start your job make money even if no one is on the server, there will be different jobs we wont say what ones yet because again, our rivals, will jump on this idea fast. But you can and wil make money not only from gangs, orgs, and goverment help, but you will make money from your own efforts, doing this also helps your level up faster.

Cars on the server are Streamed so we will exceed the limit of SAMP 700 cars only, and we will have plently of cars to find, but some models wont be available just laying around the street, nope you can only buy these rare babies at the car dealers... you know which ones im talking about.

Houses and businesses will be for sale from 10 housand dollars to 30+ million dollars and EVERYTHING in between, so there is ALWAYS something for you to work for always !

The rest we have to keep to ourselves at this time, but when the server is public you find out some really cool stuff !

Edit by Boylett:
In the next version of sa-mp, the vehicle limit will be 2000.. so we will probably only use the streaming system to help players who cant handle alot of vehicles :) 2000 is plenty to cover the whole of San Andreas.

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Morpheus Hell |

Same to you all, like Dave wrote ;-)

Fireful0 |

Hiya Singh! Totally agree Stevo. We are more mature. (Although, sometimes we turn into kids. Haha! )

Singh |

happy thanksgiving ! i wish i had the time to be around more.

Stevo2 |

I have to agree with Defiant.. this site seems to have a lot more modders posting than other sites, VS tends to be 'RP' central, although there's nothing wrong with that if you're a twelve year old I guess.

Fireful0 |

Yup! Happy Thanksgiving, peeps!

devilrider666 |

Happy bird day guys.. Hope its a good day for all.

Defiant |

Happy thanksgiving guys

Fireful0 |

Kali not Mali. :))

Fireful0 |

But you can run Linux on your phone. I have gotten Ubuntu and Mali to run on my phone before. But I have android and I know Defiant uses iphone.

Defiant |

I don't use my PC for anything personal. Just 3D stuff and managing GOM.

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