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PDM Team Presents:

Click the picture to get it !

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2008-01-18 03:39
Quick Note about WAREZ
Posted by Singh In News \ GOM-TEAM News

It seems like we are really clueless here to wether or not GOM is supporting WAREZ on the website.

Let me just make it very simple... We do NOT support this in ANY way. You want to use some excuses about SLR being on GOM in the past... GO ahead but its not going to bypass any rule we have now. Rules change and things change, and right now until any further notice (which will be never) we do NOT support it.

Other SLR websites support warez, so you shall go there.. We dont need it on GOM. And we dont need YOU if thats all you can talk about here.

Have some respect for INVICTUS and other companies who are busting ass to make such programs. And have some respect for us as well, this LE patch has been leaked and raped onto many wrong places and in some cases the build is corrupt. Great job keep it going ...

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Hey !

Quick note here there has been some changes to accounts. Mainly accounts for a few of our admins and moderators and VIP guys. The changes were made based on a review held recently, and as well as a review of our acess logs and error logs. And it was determined that these changes were needed in order to keep things running smoothly around here. We have noticed a few people just being in some places there probally were not supposed to be.

Please take note this news post is here because you know who you are, and please be reminded you are not the only one who has been subjected to account changes ! This choice made by me and my team was not aimed directly at you, more so it was aimed at a broad generalization of our staff system here and we mutally agreed in making some minor changes. So because of that you do NOT need to make your account change public . If your account was changed understand there is no questions to be asked, thank you for your time serving as a moderator, administrator and VIP for GOM.

All Admins , Moderators, VIPs have never been garunteed their ranks for life and the status of such can change at any time, for any reasons, without any notice. That is exactly what has happened here. Again we made changes that had to be made, we have our reasons and you do not need to know them

Thank you and KEEP MODDING ! IT keeps the games alive !


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Sup bro!

Defiant |

Sup guys

Fireful0 |

Spam posts have been deleted. And yes, I still check this site once and a while. ;)

Morpheus Hell |

Pure Sound - Nissan Pack validated


I think I came with possibly the funniest mashup of games, put stuff from Serious Sam 3 into Saint´s Row. Imagine how well fitting it would be especially with the 4th edition though.

Defiant |

Meh I might release it unfinished

Morpheus Hell |

LOL Defiant ;-)

the best moder |

Hello Defiant.How foxbody update goes?

Defiant |

This site is still running, what a shock!

Defiant |


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