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2008-05-04 18:15
No Profanity On The Front Page Anymore
Posted by Singh In News
Hey guys, well I have to introduce a new rule on gom, probally a very odd one.

We cant allow profanity on the front page anymore, for the simple reason that we are activating adult filters for many search engines and because of that our website is become more and more unpopular. IF we can manage to keep the profanity off of the front page... then we will have a great chance for better success. We used to be no.1 on all search engines, now we are on the bottom of the first pages for most or even completely off the list all together, thats pretty sad.

So please help me out, watch your language, im very guilty of this too, and the only reason is because we need to take out the adult filter status.

Sorry for the inconvenience ! But you must follow this one main rule, if you dont you will get banned, it will take some time to get used to it, i know, but after 1 one week there wont be any excuses ok?

thank you !

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2008-04-27 15:28
GOM IRC Network
Posted by Boylett In News
Hey gommies!

After approximately 2 hours of work I have finished setting up the irc server for gom.

You can join it at irc.gom-host.com:6667 using your favourite irc client.

I will probably be adding a java irc client to the site at some point.

Lots of services are available such as NickServ, ChanServ, BotServ etc.

You can join the channel #Help if you need support doing something on the network.

- Boylett

Small update: The IRC server is now linked with a friend of mine's IRC server (sampnet.com).[/hr]

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2008-04-26 06:10
Posted by Singh In News
Well GOM-HOST.COM IS online now and its showing public, but its not official yet its in progress. However it looks so damn nice i just gotta show it off. Im going to bed now, but damn check it out and comment here wat you think !


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Control Panel:

Zero_ |


Fireful0 |

Don't think there is a max size.


Hm, can't seem to get mine too. Do you know what the max size is?

Sterling |

They work!


Do signature pictures no longer work? I'm trying to update mine.

Zero_ |

green doo doo

Morpheus Hell |

good for you guys ;-)

gorgoil |

Hahahaha that's a good one Morpheus

Fireful0 |




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