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So I worked out some kinks in the CTF gamemode I made, I *think* it works right now but I can't really tell without testing it with multiple people. Anyway it's fun an interesting stuff, there are very few vehicles in game right now, I'm still working on that a bit. If you want to become temporary admin and add some more vehicles to the game that'd be cool, just send me a PM.

Anyway it's a fairly fast-paced game mode with lots of guns and whatnot, and there is no login/registration required or anything, just come play. More people = more fun. Tell your friends and relatives, even the ones you don't like. Report any bugs to me too. Like if everybody spawns in the same base, that would obviously be a bug.

Suggestions of any kind are also more than welcome, changing weapon loadouts, adding characters, whatever else.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, it's running at gom-host.com:8888

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2008-04-25 15:38
Race Server Fixed
Posted by Boylett In News
You can now join the race server at !
Join it while its hawt!

Also, the CTF mode by Sparky is also free of all known bugs :) just not online yet.


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2008-04-25 01:46
Bugs on Race / CTF Server
Posted by Singh In News

Just to let everyone know, our server on port 7777 (gom-host.com:7777) is gonna be down for a while. There was a few bugs in the racing server that have surfaced so we decided to shut that down. For a while we ran the CTF server, but has a team balancing bug and therefore its kind of useless to play CTF if everyone is on your team haha. So thats gonna get fixed but until then the server is gonna be offline, just keep it in your favorites you will see it up again shortly.

Thanks !


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Control Panel:

Fireful0 |

Don't think there is a max size.


Hm, can't seem to get mine too. Do you know what the max size is?

Sterling |

They work!


Do signature pictures no longer work? I'm trying to update mine.

Zero_ |

green doo doo

Morpheus Hell |

good for you guys ;-)

gorgoil |

Hahahaha that's a good one Morpheus

Fireful0 |




Morpheus Hell |

sometimes it looks like i´am in a lunatic asylum.. and i´m the watchdog O.O

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