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2007-12-04 18:30
GOM-TEAM.COM is back!
Posted by ? In News \ GOM-TEAM News
Hi all,

I'm happy to tell you that the GOM is back! The website was built from scratch after an entire format on the server so we've lost all downloads/articles/links/pages/users etc we had before.

We've got a temporary design operating here so don't pay attention to it, we will change it soon. Also, there are some unfinished things on the site, they will be changed soon aswell.


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1999-11-29 19:00
Posted by svander In News \ SL Download News

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Control Panel:

the best moder |

I make script fixes.I will upload them one day

the best moder |

I make script fixes.I will upload them one day

Krimzon |

I mean it's thyago's original but it's been a while since he was active, I'll give him credit for the porting though.

Burn Rubber |

I know Fireful0 did something similar. I think as long as you credit the original properly and have permission it's fine.

Krimzon |

How do we feel about re-releasing someones uploaded car with many fixes to their lazy scripts, and improved physics.

devilrider666 |

any drag wings released? looked here an vs and google an nothing

gorgoil |

You guys should give look on my wip thread ;) new information, new stuff and some new possibilities

xzibit1993 |


the best moder |

I have a question.What is Slrr.Is it food?

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