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2008-04-24 17:30
ESL Shader 3.0 for SLR VIDEO
Posted by Singh In News
Thank you Raxat for making a video of the 3.0 Shader in SLRR :)

<object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/96glW5BdptQ"> </param> <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/96glW5BdptQ" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"> </embed> </object>

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We are setting up the GOM SAMP Server and here is the information

HostName: GOM-Host.com

Address: gom-host.com:7777

*(you can also use this IP but gom-host.com:7777 works just fine when adding the server to your list ! )

The game mode is not uploaded yet, this week we will be setting up IRC server, SQL Server, and GOM gamemode will be running on the GOM SAMP Server.

I will update this news post alot to keep you fully aware of the status and progress this week.


GOM Web Server : Completed

GOM SAMP Server: Running

GOM SAMP MODE : Running (passworded)

GOM IRC Server : Awaiting upload and setup...

GOM SQL Server : Running

GOM Host Site : Under Development Progress 24%% ( Control Panel Template Demo )

** Update **

The race server is uploaded and ready. The RPG mode will be tested on a different server for now until its finished and we'll move it onto this IP.

- Boylett

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2008-04-23 18:14
No More Spanking
Posted by Singh In News
Ok so everyone is on the same page, I'm not gonna spank Alistair anymore. Infact regardless of what he says in the server because more than enough people have told me on msn how they feel and that its probally the best thing to just relax now before it gets to silly here. And I have to agree. BUT it was hella fun to take out the n00b stick and slap Alistair with it until he shit BANanas.

Whoever was banned by Alistair, dont worry you will be unbanned very soon anyways hes gonna switch to personality mode no.2 now where hes gonna be nice for about 2.03 seconds.

So whats going on? Well besides spanking allstar for being a bad boy, actually we have done some progress around here and there

GOM's 2.3.1 Patch

For now we have better things to focus on. 2.3.1 Progress with Raxat is actually coming along very nice. But its important to understand that things around here are buzzing like hell and shit gets busy. So please dont hammer us with the "when is it going to be released stuff" Just check the screenshots and realize when its gonna be close, we will let you know.

GOM's SamP Server:
We got the web server finally (yea I know im sorry for delay but im not rich :P )The domains are benig setup at the moment. I am making a few website templates already for SAMP hosting and also SAMP control panel administration etc. This week the GOM IRC server will be officially running , as well as our SQL services from GOM-Domains will be moved over to the server and possibly the SQL from this website as well (lets check the speed first) I have the server on tier 1 priority so lets hope for low low pings USA ! Because the server is now getting setup this means that our RPG gamemode can continue its progress to domination ahah, no just joking but really we can continue now on the development of the RPG gamemode. Our Race server will also be hosted there along side our RPG one :)

GOM SAMP hosting:
Yes we gonna offer hosting but we arent trying to be some crazy huge business here. Actually the client list will be limited to a maximum of 5-7 servers (depending on GOM RPG load) to ensure lag free gaming and quality hosting. So the prices will be about the same as gta-host.com but the quality will simply pwn. Check status on GOM SAMP Hosting HERE

GOM Website:

Well to let you know where we are at with that, there was some custom things I have been working on. One of them being a custom download mirrors form etc. We dont host the files anymore and that has greatly reduced our load and cost to stay online, but it has also given us alot of trouble with broken links. We are now officially going to support multiple download links for the file and cycle them through traffic to reduce the load on one file hosting website in particular. GOM is also getting a facelift with 2 new skins. 1024 skin2 which will be a white theme to balance with this black/dark theme we use now. The layout is the same. AND the other skin is under high development this is our baby, our ultimate, the most time invested and I hope that we can make it public in 1-2 months time. It will totally change the website around like no other. It will move us to a point even further than where we used to be before.

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Control Panel:

Zero_ |


Fireful0 |

Don't think there is a max size.


Hm, can't seem to get mine too. Do you know what the max size is?

Sterling |

They work!


Do signature pictures no longer work? I'm trying to update mine.

Zero_ |

green doo doo

Morpheus Hell |

good for you guys ;-)

gorgoil |

Hahahaha that's a good one Morpheus

Fireful0 |




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