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2008-01-16 12:07
This Month's W.I.P.'s
Posted by Singh In News \ SL Download News
I thought since our news is dead I'll put some links here to the latest and most famous WIPS in case you havent seen them yet !

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So since second semester started a couple days ago, I haven't really had any free time at all to devote to being on GOM. It looks like that's the way it's going to be for quite some time too, with college coming up sooner than I would like.

Right, so I decided it's probably finally time that I officially discontinue my permanent GOM presence. Mildly very sad, but not really, since I don't have emotions anyway. I thought to myself "What better time to leave than now, when I'm the top poster!". Then I realized a better time would have been when I was the top shouter too, but of course those days have come and gone thanks to Singh's continual shoutboxing.

Anyhoo I'll probably stop by once in a while when I have the time, and hopefully I'll have the time at some point to get back on MSN and GTalk more than I have been. I just realized that I really don't have any modding skills, and since my PC still sucks too much to play SLRR very well, why am I even on here? Oh that's right, because y'all are cool dudes. Mostly.

Bye bye then.

Sparky ol' bean

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2008-01-12 14:53
Paint Job tutorial Released
Posted by Singh In News \ SL Download News
Well for the longest time so many people asking about paintjobs for slrr, and how they are done.

Well im happy to say that finally someone has released a tutorial that shows you a few things about making paintjobs that you might not of known. That person would be Robban and he included some pictures as well for decal making.

The tutorial is a beginners tutorial and very easy enough for anyone to learn and try out. Its worth it for anyone to see because it only takes under 2 minutes to read.

So go and check the tutorial out b1tchez

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