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2008-02-12 14:27
ELG + GOM back together
Posted by Singh In News \ GOM-TEAM News
Well, after talking to the guys at ELG it seems like they are sorry for the turbulance they had the last few days and we decided to give them another go. So we will be partners again, and we will be playing on the SAMP server they have now. We do have a samp server in progress tho its not the same kind so it wont be interfering with this one.

So the bottom line is, we are partners again with ELG. The game monitor isnt up again I gotta get the code again but I'm going to put it somewhere else it was having issues in Opera it seems. If you use Opera and you have issues with the website let me know I think it should be fixed now ? I should go get Opera my self to be honest.

I am administrator on the SAMP server now as well so if you need help or got issues let me know I can handle all that for you finally.

HostName: eLg Clan's Freeroam / RealLife
Players: 12 / 60
Ping: 119
Mode: Freeroam/RealLife/RPg
Map: San Andreas

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Hello , I need everyone who is playing samp to vote on the poll if you havent done so yet. Im making a news post for it because thats how much I need your votes. I'm pretty stuck as to what I want to do right now.

From ELG:
Server Closed
The server has been closed due to complete inactivity. Maybe we have lost our touch or maybe, just maybe, people ignore the fact that nobody wants to join an empty server! Will it come back? I will let you decide.

We cant be partners with dramatic actions like that, when too stubborn to change but eager for results collides, thats what happens. Click link below if you want to comment anything.

Ok decision has been made click here

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2008-02-08 16:55
new Rims and Tires from Robban
Posted by Singh In News \ SL Download News
Thanks to Robban there is a new pack released with new rims, and a NICE 3d tire design as well!

Check it out!!!

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Control Panel:

TheOne10118 |

Hi everyone! I haven't been around much, because BeamNG just captured my interest much more than SLRR did. Anyways, I hope to return to SLRR modding soon.

Morpheus Hell |

Same to you all, like Dave wrote ;-)

Fireful0 |

Hiya Singh! Totally agree Stevo. We are more mature. (Although, sometimes we turn into kids. Haha! )

Singh |

happy thanksgiving ! i wish i had the time to be around more.

Stevo2 |

I have to agree with Defiant.. this site seems to have a lot more modders posting than other sites, VS tends to be 'RP' central, although there's nothing wrong with that if you're a twelve year old I guess.

Fireful0 |

Yup! Happy Thanksgiving, peeps!

devilrider666 |

Happy bird day guys.. Hope its a good day for all.

Defiant |

Happy thanksgiving guys

Fireful0 |

Kali not Mali. :))

Fireful0 |

But you can run Linux on your phone. I have gotten Ubuntu and Mali to run on my phone before. But I have android and I know Defiant uses iphone.

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