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2008-04-05 03:15
Congratulations to Panther15
Posted by Singh In News
Big huge amazing CONGRATS to PANTHER15 of GOM Team.

Its a Special event in that PANTHER15 has achieved a special award this year.

Image Resized By Backa

The task: FIX the smilies

Status: FIXED

This is very special because its first time hes done and followed through, so congrats to panther !!

WHO KNOWS what the future may hold !

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So I'm testing out two configs, yesterdays high end vs todays low end...

What is going to win? the only cheats are 3.4ghz cpu is crippled, but will be overclocked like hell, new hardware must remain at stock clock speeds but use aftermarket cooling.
Check it out

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2008-03-30 16:37
SA-MP Server Development Delayed
Posted by Boylett In News \ Game News
The development progress has been delayed by around a week or until we can get the dedicated server.

The current SQL database we were using was on my web hosting account and got overloaded because it wasn't designed for a game server. The SQL we will install on the dedicated server won't get overloaded because it is on the same host.

Small note:
You can join GOM's IRC channel which will be 90% up to date with the latest news about the server. If you have your own client you can go directly to [url]irc://irc.gtanet.com/GOM[/url], otherwise you can use the chat client on the GOM SA-MP website (requires Java): http://sa-mp.gom-team.com/irc.php

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Control Panel:


Guys I need help on uploading workshop to steam. I do set it to engine/car criteria, but the files just go to the main game folders. What am I missing ? I have many complains now :(

Jfernando1 |


Fireful0 |


George_Monroe |

It's alive...GOM IS Aliiiive! It's breathing like you and me, It's aliiiive.

Morpheus Hell |

good to see us back now ;-) have a nice weekend


YESSSSSSS. The best site is back again..............WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Fireful0 |

Thanks for getting GOM back online Singh!

gorgoil |

then you see "Street Legal Racing has stopped working", yeah it might be cool see that message in VR

George_Monroe |

Hey! Just imagine.. Slrr in VR glasses.. You can walk around a a car, detach parts by one hand and Engine..by one habnd too. And racing around Valo City. I think... it's might be a good horror.

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