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2008-04-22 23:14
The final shot *Next r3t4Rd3d Post*
Posted by Singh In News
Well I got really excited when I was given the green lights by my security team the other night. Because I was kind of like hyper to really throw some things out there. The whole fact that Alistair would do anything to get official, money, blowjob, what ever was really funny and even then it was better to find out that even you do that, your karma is a bitch if you are one. And really what it came down to was how many enemies can you make I mean... I know a thing or two about that, and I always make sure to have no more than 1 enemy at a time its popular sense.

I know its not nice, but, Alistair forgot all about Singh and GOM (bullshitttt rots your teeth LOL)

please someONE just agree with alistair for once, hes so desperate look what he has do and still, only batutov will agree with him ahahah batutov I got your dumbass banned and I had alistair do it himself

What I was really excited about, coming into this whole thing with dissing alistair and really showing him what it meant to disrespect me was that I knew I couldnt loose I mean 80% of his stability is really fake. No matter how he beats them he wont really uncover who is who and like I had to say over there on the right, you gotta keep your enemies closer than friends, but friends you need to figure that out, how many times can you mess up before you loose that trust ? I mean really... he doesnt even have a clue what is going on .. And because of THAT

I kind of got schooled by panther and he told me that if I really came out with the best shot right now it would be going a wee bit too far and taking it a bit too personal. You see like... I understand alistair is upset like hell, but hes got it coming to him and apparently im not the only guy mad with him at the moment. But when he wants to talk some personal trash like a lame halfass muslim joke. For the record im not muslim lol and its not a good idea alistair... to go that far because then your on a whole other level buddy. And sadly I cannot lower my self (ok i can but i was told not too and i actually take advice here and there) that far to really come back at you. You know that how many gomies live in UK alistiar ? take a guess, so I dont know what I want to do, when you hold such power to totally humiliate somone like, out of control I mean its pretty bad , and you know its bad, but you just wanna do it for that initial OH SHIT response. But I found earlier when you take things to personal level (like I did with rodney, and im sorry for that , it was too far) sometimes it doesnt work out and you can end up feeling sorry for that person. I guess its like holding a nuke and when america blows up japan they feel sorry after ...

I wont expose the pictures and information I got on you because I feel that its just gonna do more harm than it really needs to do. BUT I warn you I change my mind and if you wanna bring this to that level one more time I wont hold back and panther isnt gonna save you again.

When you screwed me and my reputation over by blaming me for all that bullshit, i told you it wasnt gonna end and you had 2 months of grace time to relax because I was gonna give it back to you. So dont act so surprised here.

And before I close this beef (for now) lets leave with some cool pics of the eLg Server!

Who ever gets the most timeouts wins ! didnt you know that ??!?

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2008-04-22 02:33
Congrats to ELG and Alistair
Posted by Singh In News
Hey I almost forgot to say big congrats to alistair , though I havent seen it myself because I seem to have long lost the IP for gtaplanet i mean ELG server , but the ELG Server is now OFFICIAL !!!

Wow nice ! Thats great news I knew it was always Ali's goal and dream to become official and have a GREAT server, with many nice and wonderfully scripted and placed features to allow a server which would immerse you in such a great world of gameplay.


This is a true pinnicle in the history of eLg ! And Assitar i mean Alistair him self !

god bless and long live the reign of Alistair among eLg, may the community lie strong and loyal and shall the future be stable and promising ! Nothing shall compromise you, you are the victor, the great, the powerfull, the one and only best !

UPDATE: Came to my attention on MSN that the official list is down. seems like 24 hours of fame was too much to handle Alistair ! hhaaha read this carefully... You dont disrespect me and get away with that bullshit dont think im not prepared take a beating and give it back 10 times harder. You pissed on your own ankles now life sUx Look on the bright side, you've got the entire ocean to protect your cowardass but dont get cocky im coming to the UK this summer and Langley Park isnt to far
-GOM-Team get familiar before fuckin us !

"Alistiar never paid for sex trust me, he just donated ! "

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2008-04-20 11:49
SA-MP Race Server
Posted by Boylett In News \ Game News
I have been making a small race server

Its not even 1/2 the size of the current role play mode which is 20% finished so it hasn't taken me long at all. It is almost completely finished.

Current features:
Class selection is replaced with race selection
You can't exit your vehicle.
Once the first person finishs, everyone else has 30 seconds to finish.
You only have 10 minutes to finish a race.
If you die you respawn in the last checkpoint you were in.
Races are voted for using /vote.
You can respawn with /respawn.
You can exit a race with /exit.

Coming by release:
You will be able to join a race which is already playing if there are spaces left.
Spectator mode (+ a menu showing the top 10 peoples status in the race).
First place is +3 to your score depending on how many other players there are
Second place is +2 to your score depending on how many other players there are
Third place is +1 to your score depending on how many other players there are

Coming at some point:
Registration system which saves your stats (this will only be done once we have a dedi).
Ability to buy nitros (based on score/money).

With this being a mainly SLR community I'm sure you will like racing in San Andreas :]


See http://street-legal-mods.com/forums.php?m=posts&p=11676#11676

That topic will be updated as i progress

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Control Panel:


Hm, can't seem to get mine too. Do you know what the max size is?

Sterling |

They work!


Do signature pictures no longer work? I'm trying to update mine.

Zero_ |

green doo doo

Morpheus Hell |

good for you guys ;-)

gorgoil |

Hahahaha that's a good one Morpheus

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Morpheus Hell |

sometimes it looks like i´am in a lunatic asylum.. and i´m the watchdog O.O

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