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2008-03-18 17:14
Mines Drift Event
Posted by Singh In News \ Competitions
MDE - Mines Drift Event Rules:
Each Battle will get 2 runs. The participants will line up and one will lead the other will follow. The next run the other will lead and the one will follow. Only the Participants whom turn is up will be allowed on the track. When they go there will be no talking or you will be disqualified until their run is up. You will be judged on, angle, speed, line, if you pass yo do not win you will be awarded extra points.
You Must have Lfs s2
March 28 - Qualifying day
March 29 - Event Day.
If something comes up I will change the dates.

Forum Name:
Lfs Account Name:
Lfs username:
Team: (if you do not have one do not put it in)

Judge Application:
Forum Name:
Lfs Account Name:
Lfs username:

I am looking for 3 people whom have experience.

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2008-03-12 06:35
DRIFT race
Posted by agoi In News \ Competitions
HI guys you can get in the drift race now . You have more 5days .Than we will vote for the best drifters. Make some styling drifter videos more than45 sec.and you are in. This is the link http://street-legal-mods.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=585&n=last#bottom


i can recommend to use rear wheel drive for more beautiful move and for tyre some special like some drift tyre which come with Mazda pack

Tere is dave drift map too but you can shot your video in the city ,race track, whichurs track or where you want to

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2008-03-10 20:44
Robbans Rim Pack part 1
Posted by Singh In News \ SL Download News
Robban relased a part 1 of his rims here on gom. Click the picture to get it !

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Control Panel:

Lonely Wolf |

and guess what didn't work... seriously, can someone send me a working plugin or script or whatever via PM... i want to mod again damnit.

Fireful0 |

The script is the plugin. U use the Run Maxscript button.

Lonely Wolf |

that's a script. which i don't know how to use. Can somebody please just .rar up their OBJ plugin and PM me it... I'm frustrated at this point

Lonely Wolf |

the link for that .zip doesn't work. I've seen that page already and tried it. when i click the link it opens a new tab that is just a 1x1 pixel white png.

gorgoil |

Well I'm sure you didn't searched well, I've opened first link I've found on google and BAMMM answer on 3rd post of that first link...https://www.3dbuzz.com/forum/threads/26914-Need-an-OBJ-importer-and-exporter-for-max-5-1

Lonely Wolf |

well google gave me no such plugins. I've been looking and found none.

Fireful0 |

5 can't natively import obj. There are plugins out there that are supposed to import it.

Lonely Wolf |

Does anybody know what the issue is? Without .obj import/export this program is useless to me so i need this fixed

Fireful0 |

You betcha gorgoil!

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