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2007-12-29 08:54
Live For Speed Race Event
Posted by Singh In News \ General Events
OK so we are going to have a racing event. Its going to be a two part event.

Part 1 Racing GTR style cars (look at the picture)
Part 2 Simply Drifting freestyles

You can sign up for both parts or just one. Make sure to say if your going to be driving or just spectating one or both of the parts for the event.

To sign up for this, all you have to do is post here

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2007-12-24 12:55
Merry Christmas
Posted by Singh In News \ GOM-TEAM News
Well I want to say Merry Christmas while I remember and still have a chance :P I hope everyone here has a great time because it only comes one time in a year. And for most of us its a very stressfull chaotic and just totally unnesscary amont of drama, so its only right to party hard. I hope everyone here who is able to parties like hell on christmas, get crunk you deserve it! If you actually are gonna get some gifts I hope your mature enough to give them as well, I remember being a kid (ya more of a kid than I am now) and always focussed on what I wanted and trying to get my mom to notice that. But I never thought about getting anyone else presents or even a stupid card. Yea I was a kid and didnt realize that, but at least if you are small you can realize that now and become much better person, it doesnt take much. Well for the rest of today im gonna be doing misc things, tonight we have family thing because we usually get together tonight because tomorrow is for other things so most of the family isnt together then, (girlfriend houses etc) and tomorrow night we throw huge fuckin party to get ready for new years :) so looking forward to that because I havent partied in weeks. I love how I can just talk with no direction as long as I want, and even have it on the front page ahaha. It kind of reminds me of that relative usually a grandpa who tells u stories all the time usually ones you heard 14 times in the past and you try to get away but its hard to do it without being rude haha, I feel like that grandpa now talking too much and your like wow stfu already :)

Merry Christmas god dammit please party get crunk get f#*ked

Peace !^; -Singh
crunk means "crazy drunk" for those of you who didnt know it

Actually we shouldnt encourage people to drink alcohol. Most of the people are underaged here! Just have a good time... NOBODY DO ANY PEDO STUFF OKAY?!


Good idea Lehto! Lets start an abstinence club too!


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I think I came with possibly the funniest mashup of games, put stuff from Serious Sam 3 into Saint´s Row. Imagine how well fitting it would be especially with the 4th edition though.

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