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2008-01-30 18:38
No more MagnaForce mods PLEASE
Posted by Singh In News \ SL Download News
This is a notice for everyone trying to submit MF mods on GOM. Stop submitting them, I dont want
MF mods here they are exclusive to legal racer website. So go to legal racer to download them.

So again NO MORE MF MODS ON GOM. NONE I dont want to see it here seriously. ITs a big headache
for me everytime im getting complaints from Fled !

Yesh stop it biatch!
Or we will put some serious booya in yo ass fool < that was not me its someone else -Singh

think he meant serious, dunno what about you

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2008-01-24 00:33
Downloads will be fixed
Posted by Singh In News \ SL Download News
Ok, so we found out that filemojo.com completely sucks. Sorry for that but how else can you tell with something like this until you put it to the test ?

Today i've uploaded 2.3.0 LE to fileplanet so that is finalllllllllllly working again im very sorry for the delay. And since Ger tech was using our same link none of you were able to go over there to get it. So I'm happy to say that its working now with fast speeds. IF file planet is not compatible for you your going to have to PM me and I'll help you out. But that is a rare case.

If you are finding downloads that are on file mojo, can you download them and upload them to filefront.com and send me or an admin the LINK ? Yea thats asking alot so its only for you hardcore GOM fans who actually want to help the community, the rest of you I dont expect you to do shit :) And as well I understand that the file mojo can be down so if it is, you cannot download the file to upload it, that I understand so send me the link to the download page that is not working I'll keep it in a list to get fixed. :)

Thats about it kids, keep it safe and hang in there we are gonna get these downloads fixed ! Not just sit around, because if we did that might as well be called copy cats and thats no way to grow is it.


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2008-01-20 16:29
Toyota Soarer GZ20 BETA TEST
Posted by _Dave In News \ SL Download News
Soarer yay!

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Control Panel:

Morpheus Hell |

Same to you all, like Dave wrote ;-)

Fireful0 |

Hiya Singh! Totally agree Stevo. We are more mature. (Although, sometimes we turn into kids. Haha! )

Singh |

happy thanksgiving ! i wish i had the time to be around more.

Stevo2 |

I have to agree with Defiant.. this site seems to have a lot more modders posting than other sites, VS tends to be 'RP' central, although there's nothing wrong with that if you're a twelve year old I guess.

Fireful0 |

Yup! Happy Thanksgiving, peeps!

devilrider666 |

Happy bird day guys.. Hope its a good day for all.

Defiant |

Happy thanksgiving guys

Fireful0 |

Kali not Mali. :))

Fireful0 |

But you can run Linux on your phone. I have gotten Ubuntu and Mali to run on my phone before. But I have android and I know Defiant uses iphone.

Defiant |

I don't use my PC for anything personal. Just 3D stuff and managing GOM.

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