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show off your street legal racing redline rides ! Beam NG mods / discussion Hardware / 3D printing 2.3.1 By raxat
SLRR Licensed by Miran
SLRR Remake by Wichur
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PDM Team Presents:

Click the picture to get it !

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2008-01-18 02:39
Quick Note about WAREZ
Posted by Singh In News \ GOM-TEAM News

It seems like we are really clueless here to wether or not GOM is supporting WAREZ on the website.

Let me just make it very simple... We do NOT support this in ANY way. You want to use some excuses about SLR being on GOM in the past... GO ahead but its not going to bypass any rule we have now. Rules change and things change, and right now until any further notice (which will be never) we do NOT support it.

Other SLR websites support warez, so you shall go there.. We dont need it on GOM. And we dont need YOU if thats all you can talk about here.

Have some respect for INVICTUS and other companies who are busting ass to make such programs. And have some respect for us as well, this LE patch has been leaked and raped onto many wrong places and in some cases the build is corrupt. Great job keep it going ...

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Control Panel:

Fireful0 |

Virtual Reality SLRR. That would be dope.

Defiant |

@Luke, Yes.


I don't think its one of yours

Luke23 |

So. I want to release a songpack for slrr. But am I allowed to upload a mod with REAL songs in it? (such as eurobeat)?

Fireful0 |

Find out if what was one of my mods?


Fireful0 Did you find out if its one of the MODs you edited ?

Stevo2 |

that was a 'Plus 1' btw

Stevo2 |

@ Defiant, 1 to that bro.You typed what I was thinking.. especially as you say, there is a plug-in in the DL section (and the link does work!).

Defiant |

Quit being so whiny.

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