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2008-01-12 07:19
Honda Civic 1989
Posted by CRAZY_IVAN In News \ SL Download News
Well this is it..

Its time to release the Civic..

Its been made by me(CRAZY_IVAN) and J-Style

Visit download section to download it:)

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2008-01-11 07:36
Focus Remake released by Pajas
Posted by Singh In News \ SL Download News
Well Pajas has remade the Focus for SLR and it works in 2.2.1 and 2.3.0 LE he says. The car seems to be ALOT better than it was the last time it was released. With new textures and exported meshes, scripts the whole jazz it seems like this is worth replacing your old focus with if you even have that junk installed anymore !

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2008-01-07 06:25
Drift Works PJ
Posted by Singh In News \ SL Download News
Robban uploaded a pretty sweet paintjob go check it out !

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Fireful0 |


the best moder |

Moh,how long I havent seen you here?I hope that RX4 is now a beautiful car.

moh supercharged |

to* also I've made huge progress in my rx4 restoration

moh supercharged |

and i decided tp finish my old projects

moh supercharged |

hey guys,how is everyone ? i stopped learning how to mod slrr for a long while and i just enjoyed the game as any player but now i returned into gom and slrr scene again :D

gorgoil |

oh Mindedrift I thought I would never see you again around here man :D how are?

mindedrift |

and we have a winner! :D

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