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2008-01-04 06:40
Real1ty Compl3x
Posted by Singh In News \ GOM-TEAM News
So new division of GOM called Real1ty Compl3x is now online. They consist of some GTA stunters who are actually very good. You might remember AOA, a former Division of GOM-team. Well the leader since quit and has come back to stunting with a new team of people. The videos look good so check out the site within the next days, could be some interesting stuff.

some examples http://youtube.com/profile?user=GTAStunting

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2008-01-04 04:16
Nvidia 9800 GX2
Posted by Singh In News \ GOM-TEAM News
So there is finally some news about the NEW nvidia card coming out. It sounds pretty sick but what else could it sound like ? Its supposed to replace the 8800 ultra all together and claims to be 30% faster as well. Depending on the price it will be a sucess or not ?

GeForce 9800 GX2

1. 1GB Frame Buffer

2. Two PCBs

3. Two 65nm GPUs Total

4. 256 Stream Processors Total

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2008-01-02 01:52
GOM Event Last Call
Posted by Singh In News \ General Events
Ok well obviously we have alot of people who want to take part in the even if they can make it there. So im giving a last call to anyone who hasnt signed up for it yet. Now after this step I will gather all the names who want to come , and individually contact them with a few different timess possible, if your contacted for that you tell me what times you can come if any, and then with that information I can decided when we will hold this event. And when i find that out I will show it here.

To make it easy for me, if you already posted in the topic that you want to come race, send me a PM as well telling me you are interested, make sure you have S2 license first!

Click here to PM me >>

In the pm put subject "GOM LFS event and tell me you want to come thats all , i'll reply to you and thats about it !

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Control Panel:


Guys I need help on uploading workshop to steam. I do set it to engine/car criteria, but the files just go to the main game folders. What am I missing ? I have many complains now :(

Jfernando1 |


Fireful0 |


George_Monroe |

It's alive...GOM IS Aliiiive! It's breathing like you and me, It's aliiiive.

Morpheus Hell |

good to see us back now ;-) have a nice weekend


YESSSSSSS. The best site is back again..............WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Fireful0 |

Thanks for getting GOM back online Singh!

gorgoil |

then you see "Street Legal Racing has stopped working", yeah it might be cool see that message in VR

George_Monroe |

Hey! Just imagine.. Slrr in VR glasses.. You can walk around a a car, detach parts by one hand and Engine..by one habnd too. And racing around Valo City. I think... it's might be a good horror.

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