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SLRR Remake by Wichur
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I want to collect feedback this week from the active members of this community about what features they would like to see in a new "SLR" type game made in accordance to today's technological standards ?

What do you love most about street legal racing redline that keeps you playing 10 years later ?

What would you like to see in a new "SLR" ? Multiplayer is obvious but what else ?

What current and relevant games are you playing besides SLR and why ? Would like to see those features if any in a new game ?

I want to collect "bare bones" information , PLEASE do NOT write excessive explanations try to keep everything as simple and straight to the point as possible.

The purpose of this query / poll is to get an idea of what the community as a whole is interested in seeing in a new game... if one was ever to be created.

Any questions regarding a new game or detailed information will be ignored and / or deleted in order to keep the topic clean !

Thank you !

Please keep all replies to this post in our official topic linked here:

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2014-10-13 06:53
Rev Physics Alpha
Posted by mindedrift In News

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2014-10-02 19:12
Shutukou C1 (Remake by Redline_Racer)
Posted by Singh In News

Description: Shutukou C1 (Remake by Redline_Racer)

New track released click the picture to get it !

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Control Panel:

Labex300 |

VIPKA HOLY SHIT YOU KILLED ME BRO. Vipka mods arent vip mods , is fkin shit leaked , only the RX7 , some S13 and Thyago Vip , 2JZ by FXD and somethings are good.. Other are piece of shit

the best moder |

I didnt know that.I hadnt found it nowhere.But the Nissan silvia s15 rocketbunny is VIP,isnt it?

gorgoil |

That rx7 with supra front isn't VIP, it's here or in vs

the best moder |

I found many VIPKAS mods at vk.I want to use them.I love one RX7 mod with Supra front end swap.

Racedriver43 |

Holy shit. :O

Racedriver43 |

I just listened to the 1nsane soundtrack...

jeff191144 |

problem with nitrous and auto mode (same with boost) is it shifts to early when boost or nitrous comes in


Well, the "automatic" mode is just manual with automatic gearing. what about using a single gear with long range as the last gear on a 6-speed transmission? They work quite well, just takes a little skill to fine to be nearly as good as a multi speed transmission.

gorgoil |

Yeah I always use manual only turbo or only nitro

jeff191144 |

anyone else notice major gains in the 1/4 when manual shifting instead of auto with nitrous

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