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show off your street legal racing redline rides ! Beam NG mods / discussion Hardware / 3D printing 2.3.1 By raxat
SLRR Licensed by Miran
SLRR Remake by Wichur
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Again, thank you for everyone involved in the STE campaign. You guys are awesome. Please don't feel bad that we didn't make the goal. This was a risk we understood from the beginning by not having a tech demo. At least we can say, we did what we could and gave it our best shot considering the circumstances.

It was a great run, I would do it all over again.

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2015-03-27 12:48
New Engine Sounds i4,i6,v8
Posted by blast In News

Description: New improved sounds for all motors that i have on my slrr

Tags: Gear , I4 , I6 , Mc , Muscle , Sounds , Subaru , Superduty , Tune , Tuned , Tuner , V8
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2015-03-08 22:31
Drag Wheel Pack
Posted by blast In News

Get it in Download Section

Tags: Drag , Welds , Wheels
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Control Panel:

Fireful0 |

Kali not Mali. :))

Fireful0 |

But you can run Linux on your phone. I have gotten Ubuntu and Mali to run on my phone before. But I have android and I know Defiant uses iphone.

Defiant |

I don't use my PC for anything personal. Just 3D stuff and managing GOM.


I thought you mentioned you pc.

Defiant |

That doesn’t help me as I can’t run Linux on my phone.


@Defiant Or you can run everything under linux (mac and linux are cousins unlike windows with anything) as I prefer nowadays ever since there is not really any good option today due to how things gone upside down.

Fireful0 |

True that

Defiant |

Also just wanted to point out the stark difference between GOM’s homepage and other slr sites. It’s nice to see most forum posts here are for WIP threads.

Defiant |

That’s one reason why I use Apple for all my personal data. People don’t like how locked down all the software is, and how expensive the products are. But that’s necessary to keep your data private. Whereas google makes money selling your android data, and Microsoft went off the deep end.


Well if you happen to use Windows nowadays, the threat from the outside is not the only for the user. It´s Microsoft collecting data on you as if they learned it straight away from the NSA.

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