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2014-08-20 06:17
New Custom Handling physics!
Posted by mindedrift In News
First released physics after simcade (afaik)

I hope you like it :)
Click here to get it!

Tags: Custom , Physics
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2014-08-17 18:37
Honda Civic EJ1/EJ2 Beta
Posted by Thyago In News

Description: Honda Civic EJ1/EJ2 Beta

Honda Civic EJ1/EJ2 Beta


Tags: No tags
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2014-08-09 14:09
Honda Rimpack
Posted by Thyago In News

Description: Honda Rimpack

Honda Rimpack



Tags: No tags
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Control Panel:

the best moder |

I make script fixes.I will upload them one day

the best moder |

I make script fixes.I will upload them one day

Krimzon |

I mean it's thyago's original but it's been a while since he was active, I'll give him credit for the porting though.

Burn Rubber |

I know Fireful0 did something similar. I think as long as you credit the original properly and have permission it's fine.

Krimzon |

How do we feel about re-releasing someones uploaded car with many fixes to their lazy scripts, and improved physics.

devilrider666 |

any drag wings released? looked here an vs and google an nothing

gorgoil |

You guys should give look on my wip thread ;) new information, new stuff and some new possibilities

xzibit1993 |


the best moder |

I have a question.What is Slrr.Is it food?

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