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Just some updates for everyone...

DOMAIN working now - Streetlegalmods.com is what you should see in the top of your browser in the URL box. If this is not happening for you please clear and flush browser cache and try again.

IMG Upload now working - http://UPLOAD.streetlegalmods.com is now back online after the server move and all images have been restored and old links should be working regarding those.

CDN is active again - Since the domain change I deactivated the CDN which was proven to help our loading speeds by a great amount.. after the next few days as the network caches the static content here across its servers everybody should be experiencing great improvements overall on load times.

DONE is working on the mod rewrite url issues with some SEO optimized links not working or displaying properly in the address bar. This is what I am currently working on now that the domain and img upload script is back.

If you have any other ideas let me know. Thank you

All questions / bug reports and more info can be found and discussed in here


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2014-09-10 11:44
Toyota Corolla 1995
Posted by NITROLANCER1 In News

Click the picture!

Tags: 221 , Corolla , Le2Mwm , Mwm , Slrr , Toyota
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2014-09-09 22:25
Server move finally completed
Posted by Singh In News
Hey, I just want everyone to know that the server move is finally over with. For the most part everything is now working. I had some unexpected problems during the move from database connection issues to domain resolve issues to login and admin panel problems and mod rewrite complications.

It's been a real headache but hopefully we can all finally benefit from increased server performance and faster load times on the website.

All cache internally and externally has been purged so within the next few days things maybe moving slower than normal because of the increased load of the CDN requesting all the content on the website.

Once things get back up to speed im hoping everyone will be happy and there won't be anymore 30 second load times.

I have not moved upload.streetlegalmods.com yet over, so please bare with me its a big move as many of you uploaded tons of pictures and it will take a while to move those over as well as setup the script on here.

Any other issues please let me know


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http://68.media.tumblr.com/f073fcf0477c01e3c6ff131a97e0c419/tumblr_ofxfmuaro91smghnuo1_1280.jpg No wonder the methetamine junkie died, his lungs were filled with candy (ikea mdma)!


Nothing tops off more as Sterling making a reference to Sterling from Archer. Not unlike Rick Astley with the Rickroll.

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sghbsbhnsnrsn my awakeness today.

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Hey Labex, how'd ya get into your old account? :P

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Old account x)

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Old account x)

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