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2014-07-27 16:37
Clean Daytime Valo City
Posted by NITROLANCER1 In News
Click the picture!

Tags: 221 , City , Clean , Slrr , Valo
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Description: I've remade the old C1 Loop converted from racer, its been re-scaled, has more buildings, and will have AI added soon! (:

Also showcases:
Custom Physics/Car Dynamics
Stock (no upgrades) RB26 Sounds

And yes, it will be released soon, but for now enjoy the teaser ;)


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2014-06-25 16:17
Chevrolet Caprice (Fixed)
Posted by NITROLANCER1 In News
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Tags: No tags
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Control Panel:

rajapoker88 |

hello selamat malam semuanya

StreetKeningston |

new fix added, soon i will re-add the full modpack with fixes

Mostwanted |

oh i cant post links :/

Mostwanted |

i need some help figureing what this rock i have is can someone help me find out http://streetlegalmods.com/forums?m=posts

gorgoil |

Probably because he wanted to...

the best moder |

Why Sterling's workshop is locked?

Racedriver43 |

The main patches dropped the game to shit... Especially making it suffer from the problems SLR:R faced.

Racedriver43 |

Does anyone know where I can find SL1 furball patches J,K, and L? The links for them don't work.

jeff191144 |

is there a way to change the max compression you can run?

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