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2014-09-01 01:31
Miran's Physics Lab Tool
Posted by Singh In News \ SL Download News

Description: physics-lab-miran-slr-street-legal-racing-mods

Miran released a handy tool for tuning physics in SLR. Check it out

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Hey everyone,

Want to let you all know I moved our local database off this server and onto an external server dedicated to just hosting the database which holds all of our posts / accounts / download pages etc.

I am hoping this will inrease speed for everyone. Please let me know what you think, this is the first step in changes I am making to hopefully increase the performance a bit. I know the website has been dragging its feet heavily.. it was difficult trying to manage a monthly budget and get the performance we need at the same time.

I hope this works out, but if it doesn't prove to be an benefit I do have other ideas and options in mind.

Thank you



Edd from Vstanced gave me a few tips so we are now running through a CDN on top of the hosting which should serve everyone with cached static content of the site which is hopefully going to speed up load times by 100% I am hoping.

Also, I'll give this second server another day before I decided whether to keep it or not. If not I will still externally load the database but from a closer server.

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The new update for GTA Online is out (I'm little late on the news post, sorry.)

I've tried some of the flight missions and bought the small jet myself.. I think they did really well. What do you think ?


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Control Panel:

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http://68.media.tumblr.com/f073fcf0477c01e3c6ff131a97e0c419/tumblr_ofxfmuaro91smghnuo1_1280.jpg No wonder the methetamine junkie died, his lungs were filled with candy (ikea mdma)!


Nothing tops off more as Sterling making a reference to Sterling from Archer. Not unlike Rick Astley with the Rickroll.

Sterling |

Dihydrogen monoxide


sghbsbhnsnrsn my awakeness today.

TheOne10118 |

Hey Labex, how'd ya get into your old account? :P

Labex300_SLRR |

Old account x)

Labex300_SLRR |

Old account x)

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