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Since the initial release, I got reports about various defects and errors that occur during the game. In connection with this, there was a need for a patch, and now I'm ready to introduce it.

Here is the list of fixes contained in the patch:
- fixed incorrect track fog behavior on low view distances
- values of Real and Emulated FFB Strength in the options menu have been adjusted
- fixed a bug causing the game to crash due to incorrect parts kits scripts
- other small cosmetic changes

For more details and download links visit this page.

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Control Panel:

Fireful0 |

You choose the password. Discord doesn't use a phone number as the password.


as a password?

Fireful0 |

Discord also uses emails. :)


As I remember Discord uses phone numbers as password and phone numbers aren´t that easy to change if you get hacked which sounds pretty much as a lose-lose to me.

Fireful0 |

I use Discord, tho. :))


Why Discord everything though? What about Hangouts or something else that is much more preferred.

KondzixsPL |

what do you think about making a GOM team discord serwer?

Jfernando1 |


Fireful0 |

Bought a guitar headphone amp from the 1980s that came with a Casette Tape Player / Recorder. I'm oldschool. :))

Jfernando1 |

Competition started.Anyone who wants to enter, do so, though do not let it interrupt festive celebrations.

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