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Since the initial release, I got reports about various defects and errors that occur during the game. In connection with this, there was a need for a patch, and now I'm ready to introduce it.

Here is the list of fixes contained in the patch:
- fixed incorrect track fog behavior on low view distances
- values of Real and Emulated FFB Strength in the options menu have been adjusted
- fixed a bug causing the game to crash due to incorrect parts kits scripts
- other small cosmetic changes

For more details and download links visit this page.

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2017-08-21 18:05
Posted by 9kRPM In News

Tags: Slrr , Bmw , Sound , Mod , Pack
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Stevo2 |

Well, I learned a good lesson today!I responded to George's shout that not many are posting on the show off thread, so I posted... that was a mistake that won't happen again!the only reason I bothered to post pics of my stuff, was to encourage others to get modding themselves, I don't publicly release my own mods as I honestly don't think they are good enough.. they are in a constant state of 'Work in progress'There are hundreds of mods to choose from on this and other sites, ok so 70 % of them are badly scripted, but that simply gives the opportunity to rescript them and better your skills. I won't bother posting again, I had no intention of causing any 'negativity' within the community. Stevo2, over and out!

devilrider666 |

Hate vip crap.. always negative results from doing this. Agreed with g-man

EliasFD3S |

lel say that to VS darkside and all vk vip shit

gorgoil |

this thing is what is killing SLRR, doing a ton of VIP things, and doing fixes for cool mods and don't release it, and some other things! This is what's killing SLRR slowly!

George_Monroe |

Id's of textures not the same yours ElDorado.

George_Monroe |

Damn. It's not your Eldorado.http://upload.vstanced.com/images/2018/01/21/j0V.png

Stevo2 |

Dude, it's on here.. in the download section (but the scripting is really bad, hence I re-centered it in Max and rescripted from there).. but I won't re-release my rescript of it, I only did for my own amusement. :)

George_Monroe |

My friend convert that El Dorado 5 years ago from Forza. As VIP for Team. I thought ElDorado was lost, but i find it. Yeah, from ModZona (CockZona)

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