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2012-10-25 00:53
Suzuki Liana
Posted by Bigg Boss93 In News

Description: RELEASED :D

click the pic to go to dl page

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2012-10-22 03:11
Drag rim pack
Posted by blast In News

Description: 15 inch

Get them in the Download Section

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The hot summer days are now gone, but we can still enjoy some virtual summer racing, and what better place to do it than Monaco?
Grab your gear, because we have another competition going on (after a fairly long pause).
Buy it. Build it. Tune it. Race it. Crash it.

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gorgoil |

You guys should give look on my wip thread ;) new information, new stuff and some new possibilities

xzibit1993 |


the best moder |

I have a question.What is Slrr.Is it food?

gorgoil |

Because I'm new into this game and I want to know the things related to this game its kinda fun. Build your car then break it down on a wall :D

the best moder |

Why gorgoil says<<I am new in SLRR world>>

the best moder |

I want

Sterling |

Anyone want slrr 2.5 patch before its released?

gorgoil |

I'm new in SLRR world and I want to know where can I find a fully functional drag track with all those stuff as we see in real life. Like light tree, eletronic board and those things. Thanks in advance guys cheers :D

StreetKeningston |


moh supercharged |

What happened to my slrr version ?Both dissapeared

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