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Author / Submitted by: Singh

Who is the GOM team?

history of gom and making...

The following text is pieced together from very old parts of the old gom sql before the data wipe when our server went offline in 2007.

When and how did GOM-Team form together ?

The story goes like this...

It was July, 2003. Street Legal Racing Redline for Windows PC was just released. Myself and other Street Legal Racing 1 fans awaited this release for a long time following updates and news via buildersedge.org.


Buildersedge was (from what I know) the first community fan page ever built for street legal.

The founders Christy Diane Farr and John Larsson (aka MrFisse) took care of the page while briding the gap between the community and Invictus - the games developer. Eventually Invictus went on to hosting the community site for a short time because the owners were not able to finance the small monthly costs at the time to keep it online.

For a short time the domain "Buildersedge.org" was pointing to the GOM website. Christy had a quite interesting relationship with social attitude with the community and website founders like myself. It was hard to tell what exactly she was trying to do.. be our friends or manipulate us :) It was no longer pointing to our website once she felt it wasn't necessary to.

Christy left the SLR scene in 2007/2008 and started her work at home life coaching career and has been wealthy ever since.


Now back to SLRR (street legal racing redline) and it's release. It was an instant cult hit. The SL1 fans loved it and many stopped playing SL1 almost immediately.

Modding was a big part of the community and the only reason for such a long "life" the game has seen.

Everyone had little modding teams and it was quite senseless but we had one too. I learned some basic modding skills and eventually in late 2003/early 2004 I joined up with a well known team called GER-Tech. We modded some things in the game for a bit but after sometime we formed a new team with all the 'expert' members from GER into a team called GOM. GOM ? It was a joke we referred to this as Gods Of Mods.

At this time our group was more than half of the 'pro modders' in the community. Most major mod releases came from within our circle. After realizing we were here to stay I had thoughts of making a website for our downloads only and to stop putting them on XI.

Xtremeimport.NL / Street-legal.tk
XI was the biggest SL modding community page besides BE. Xi was online during downtimes BE was struggling with. This helped XI gain more popularity and userbase. Xi was run by Don. Don later decided to move the website away from SLRR discussion and more into his local car scene. Eventually the database was wiped years later after many website re-designs. For many people - Xi was the first website they were on that introduced them into SL modding. I believe I was only active on XI even though I was a visitor on BE before then. I believe the website MAY still be online however no idea what the domain name is at this time. I will try to update this article if I find out.

We wanted to make a website and I didnt know the first thing about websites or web hosting or servers and php and sql. I caught up with Geo and Deadx. Geo helped me with installing the website and configuring some plugins. We used LDU 602 I believe. If not then it was LDU 700. LDU - land down under. It was a brilliant content management system built by Oliver C. Buildersedge.org used this system and so did XI, so naturally GOM and many other SL fan sites did the same. Geo and Deadx were about to help me for quite a while with the website. We used a free webhost in our first month.

We do not have ANY screenshots of this first website on our very first free web host. If anyone has a shot we would very much appreciate the forward :)

Within one month gom became very popular the traffic was making our free bandwidth max out. Soon after gom site was suspended for exceeding bandwidth, that was first check of reality. So then after some donation from a good friend dragon.art, we got some paid hosting from a place called bihira.

July 2005 - Second generation GOM website.

The service was fast and stable for a few months but only for that long, after it was declining in speed and performance and downtime was every 10 minutes. We often had full weeks of downtime and broken promises from our server admins about upgrading hardware and so much things.

September 2005 - Possibly Version 3 of Gom-Team website.

While we battled with no-to-low budget website hosting causing downtimes and slow page loads we had other problems too. At this time GER-Tech was our main competition. DJDegg and his 'team' friends were also making and releasing mods exclusive to their website. We kept XI in the middle of our childish battles. It was funny to be honest and we were all kids with nothing better to do I guess.

GOM would go down and the traffic would go to GER tech. We would worry about hack attempts and dirty users. GOM got a bad reputation with Invictus when we broke off our relations with Christy who was much respected by them.

Jan 2006

Little did they know the manipulation and even bigger acts (not sure how it was possible to be honest) of petty and childish games she played with us and the community to remain in some kind of "power" state.

Our competition with GER-tech wasn't all bad, it helped keep the community active in some ways and the modders kept modding.

Christy was able to receive some game source files (javas) from IV directly. She was supposed to distribute those javas to the community leaders at the time. Nice thought but didn't happen. Instead they were a tool to use for leverage. Eventually we got "some" javas from this lady but not all of them.

At the time we were comparable sites with comparable stats and activity. Christy sided with GER-Tech and started to make some java mods which we couldn't do with the lack of sources and knowledge. This made a bit more attention but not releasing them to the public kept us ahead as many people became angry of mod teasers.

Closing in on the end of our GER vs GOM "internet war" ... Punkguy (member of gom modding team) found one guy on Russian forums, his name is Raxat. He came to gom a few times posting on the shoutbox saying he was busy with something but he would come as soon as it was over. I wasnt sure what he was talking about and I didnt understand why he was important to me and why he thought I would care if he was busy.

Turns out Raxat was a highly motivated young expert programmer who was interested in working SL javas to create a better version of the game. This was the perfect chance for extending the life of SLR and GOM. After hearing his ideas for the game I passed the Java sources (from the few I had) to him and from then it was magic. He made so much progress so fast it was incredible.

Right then we had another 2 week downtime on gom and i was so irratated I moved out of that web host and into another, just to find out they had a bunch of restrictions wich limited GOM greatly. I then decided to stop dickering and rented out a server for web hosting.

I planned to sell the hosting wich would pay for the server rental and provide GOM with stable service. This plan eventually turned into a website called www.GOM-Networks.com.

/old sql

In 2007 I believe May or June I decided to get a dedicated server for the website. We were hosting all the mods now and at this time I believe GOM was at our peak in traffic and active users.

The problem was I was young and stupid, didn't realize I couldn't afford $300 monthly bill to host a website for fun. The end of August 2007 is when it happened.

I wasn't able to pay the bill for August and our server went offline. I took more then 30 days to come up with the money and it was too late. My foolish lack of common sense meant I had no backups of the website and now all of the server was wiped.

We lost a database holding our pages and 22,000 members. At this point I was pretty upset and decided that it was it... just let it go. I decided that there was no way we can come back, not from nothing.

Then in December 2007 GOM was coming back... and it wasn't because of me.

Raxat had some old copy of the website skin or something, I'm not sure how he had it. He decided to bring the site back himself. It was a generous move and it's the only reason why we are online today. I gave up but it didn't matter at that point.

I had no idea of this happening , infact I was the 243rd person to register on this website.. I found out a bit late ! People heard it was back and started to register again.

Jan 2008 - 4th gen ? Design

That was it, we had nothing, everything had to be started from scratch. It's difficult to remember all of the details 7 years later but I remember it took a long time for us to come back up to speed with everything.

March 2008 - SAMP server

Now in 2014+ Defiant came in and revived the entire website, turning it from a steaming pile of 1999 to something somewhat presentable.

The rest of the history is not so interesting. I learned proper website design and finally gave this website a good overhaul. I was gone for months to a year at a time and the community has run the site. CJ and David did a fair amount of work among others as well.

Raxat may or may not have finally gained full access to the complete collection of SL javas and maybe more. They're might of or might not of been a leak at invictus HQ, but those are details that don't matter anymore in 2014. The 2.3.1 project is coming along well, though Raxat seems to suffer from the 'perfect or nothing' syndrome. I am not sure when it will be released and in a way it doesn't matter much. It's been in production for at least 7+ Years and we will always support it.

All of the sites we were in major competition with went offline, now we have Vstanced.com. There is no other major english based site at this time.

The cycle will always continue though. It started with BE then the major leaders moved to XI > major leaders moved to GER and GOM > major leaders move to VS.

It's a cycle that happens when a community becomes too big for its own good, and the "important" "content creating" members of those communities decide to start their own place. Which that place will do the same thing as the one before it.

If all was perfect we would recognize this pattern and not continue to waste time creating multiple communities in a cycle that only ends when the community is completely dried out.

Here is some more pictures of our website throughout its life

Now we are once again hosted on a dedicated server, with a more 'mature' me who is able to sustain this website finally. I hope we can continue to be a great community and find a second wind with a new game. Maybe an SL3.


Some words from RAXAT:

"I knew that javas will give me total control but i didn't thought about how far it can go and what unexpected consequeces would result. Your support seriously increased the speed of my developent. It's so sad that Invictus-Games Ltd. still thinks bad things about GOM, but i hope i will change the situation when SL3 will come, cuz power of Java programming is supreme on modscene and i can handle it so good to prove that we will be No.1 on SL3 modscene."

Well thats my short history of Me and GOM.

Now lets start modding..

If you have more information to add please let us know in the comments.

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15. mikekaliven87

2017-06-30 06:32

You are great, guys)

14. @_sep

2017-03-04 03:39

Wow thanks for all your hardwork. Sorry my bad english

13. Zeprarex

2016-05-21 05:02

I remember back in 2014 when I kept shaking RAXATs arm about 2.3.1

12. Fireful0

2016-05-20 19:18

Very interesting. :)


11. Lehto

2014-12-14 14:48

Haha. Surprisingly, GOM-Team never really got into a big internal fighting... because thats why we left GER in the first place. Degg was angry about something, cant remember what... but I had enough and went "solo" only that a few others left too and thats what became GOM.


10. Singh

2014-11-04 19:15

well now you know.. I've rewritten and updated the article with some more detailed information.

9. TheOne10118

2014-03-19 21:01

wonder when gom was founded...


8. Singh

2013-07-01 23:16

This is old... lol

7. redline_racer

2013-05-04 17:55



6. FJ

2012-02-29 20:07

um i read only the Now let's start modding...

5. Mevludin

2008-12-08 04:36

nice beginning but the end ohh i wish i can go back in time when SLR came out ah the time and still today not lea it let's rule.

4. jizsnake

2008-07-17 19:02

a real rags to riches kind of story


3. kriminozo

2008-03-19 21:10

I love your work dude. Will be available a new SLRR patch? With new cars and who knows a new city. That would be off tha hook man. Thankz for all


2. tarmo120

2007-12-30 16:52

Geez... That was soooo long to read. I almost got tired. But amen to GOM and RAXAT.

1. LEWI007

2007-12-27 18:26


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