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Author / Submitted by: MisterSir

MisterSir Tire Sidewall Template

tire sidewall template

This is a tire sidewall template i wiped up, its still in .psd format and all the layers are editable, all the text is still in text format so you can change and make it the tire you want. enjoy!
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7. benjaboi

2010-10-20 12:35

SWEEEET!!! i needed summin like this, thanks mister sir

6. Christopher Jason

2008-07-15 20:18

its the best lots of help now


5. robban_9000

2008-07-06 13:18

simply awsome!! good tire textures are so damn hard to find..


4. TimEK9

2008-07-06 10:23

what a great idea. tyvm :D


3. PunkGuy

2008-07-06 09:58

Danm you! this is awesome!

2. MisterSir

2008-07-05 11:07

yes, you can edit the text on it very easily with photoshop, and make it what ever tire sidewall you want

1. Davidov

2008-07-05 04:24

Let me get this right ?
This is a template for making textures for your tyres ?

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