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Zmodeler 1.0.7 + Plug-in

Zmodeler 1.0.7

Zmodeler 1.0.7 SCX IMPORT Plugin
http://streetlegalmods.com/datas/users/127-zm_scx3best.zip Tags: No tags


6. austint30

2016-01-03 15:30

This does work in ZModeler 1.0.7 though. I imported some car parts!


5. austint30

2016-01-02 19:02

I put this into the filter folder in Zmodeler 3 and it doesn't work.


4. asdcsf

2013-05-25 16:15

how to work the .scx converter?? i'm copy to filters folder but i cant open the scx files whit the zmodeler :ss .oo help please !! :s

3. Bigg Boss93

2012-12-02 01:11


2. Sandra

2012-12-01 10:38

Links are down

1. gokusuper5

2012-10-21 16:45

Doesn't seem to work

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