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Author / Submitted by: Miran

SLR 3D Max tools ver 0.5

Few 3ds max tools for game moding. Scx exporter included

Pack of tools I have made for 3D Max Studio. They will make SLRR moding easier.
Tools should works under all Studio versions since 5.1, however newer versions will be more stable, also while running maxscripts.
Before you start using tools is recommended go to Customize > Preferences > MAX Script and set Memory: initial cheap size to maximum.

What is included:
SCX v3 exporter version 0.5
SLRR Material
Object info
Native objects placer\exporter\editor
Track shadows generator
Car part ambient oclussion generator

How to install:
Extract the archive into 3D Max root directory.
Run the application and setup your toolbar with new buttons:

1. Go to the Customize > Customize user interface at top menu
2. In Toolbars tab press New button
3. Type name "SLR Tools" for new toolbar
4. Choose "SLR Tools" option from Category listbox. Drag icons from window on your new toolbar
5. Close customization dailog and drag your toolbar to dock it 3D Max interface.

How to setup correct scene scale:
Go into top menu Customize > Units setup and set following values:

SCX exporter
To show exporter dialog press "cube with green arrow" icon on slr tools toolbar.

Optimization - makes scx file smaller, reduces loading time and improves performance ingame. Optimize calculations may take some time on complex geometry, so you can disable it for tests.
Some times when exporting crashes or generating glitch on model export without optimization or "good" option may fix problems.
Center by pivot - before export each objects will be moved to world origin.
Separate objects - for multiple selection each object will be exported as scx file named same as the object. File name given in save dialog isn't matter.
Shading - some variations about geometry shading:
Standard - classic shading as all we know
Shadows, A.Occlusion - includes in model calculated track shadows or car part ambient occlusion (which are stored at vertex illumination channel). If object has not calculated lighting it will be exported with standard shading.
Track+Shadows - Special option created for track meshes. Finality maps will have correct brightness. This option includes shadows if were calculated.
Sprite+Shadows - This option is recommended for flat things with 3d imitating texture, like grass, trees, crowd. Shadows/Ambient Occlusion will be included if were calculated.

Native objects tool
To show this tool press cone icon at SLR Tools toolbar.

Randomize section - will randomly move/rotate selected objects by given values. Can be also used for other objects than natives.
Snap to ground section
Take selection as ground - picking current selection as object you will snapping to.
Ground nodes: 1 - shows count of picked ground objects. Button click selects them.
Object place by - method of snapping objects. It says the object will placed on it's bottom or pivot point.
offset - vertical offset of snapping. Let's say you wish to have objects placed 2 meters above ground. So let's type here 2 meters.
Snap to ground buttons - they executes snap process. Most left button will keep original objects rotation. Recommender for architecture objects. Most right button will fill object rotation to ground, like the object laying on it.
Rest three buttons are intermediate of two described above. Middle one will be perfect for example for trees.
Please note that ground snapping may be used also for other than only native objects (it may be helpful while modelling)
EXPORT NATIVE OBJECTS [26] - This button will generate natives objects file which can be loaded by Track Wizard 2. In brackets is displayed count of selected native objects.
EDIT - shows native objects properties dialog. It allows to create new natives, edit existing.

Track shadows generator and Car part ambient occlusion generator
Tool invented for improve some shadows on objects. Track shadows are recommended for maps, Ambient Occlusion will works best on car parts and other movable stuff.
Make visible all objects you want to take a part in lighting calculating process (objects which receive/cast shadows).
Select object that will receive and run Track shadows or Ambient Occlusion generator.

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Download: SLR 3D Max tools ver 0.5

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2012-11-21 00:31

reupload the scipts link dead!

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2012-08-21 01:29

Can you make parts with it to?

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2012-05-27 19:16

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11. yarik_ua13

2011-10-10 17:13

anyone tried on max 2012???
i get some erros with it.
sometimes it says, that it cant find the file name
and when i export with "center by pivot" it says that cant find the coordinates


10. dewasha

2011-08-25 13:37

thanks i test again

9. redline_racer

2011-05-02 04:45

hmm, ill test on max2010 :D i dont have 2011


8. Jase Trenner

2011-03-30 20:57

in max 2010, it comes up with errors


7. dewasha

2011-03-28 04:12

in max 2011 work with not use optimization i use not work not use this funcion work ok


2011-03-27 11:34

Any Blender version of this? :P


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