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Kams max

Added this to you 3ds Max Folder.

You can open VC,SA, and GTA3 models with this

(Any Verizon of max work will work with this) Tags: No tags

Download: Kams max

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5. Christopher Jason

2009-09-14 20:56

Means its Locked

4. svander

2009-09-14 20:52

wtf is a non standard DFF? xD


3. robban_9000

2009-08-07 12:16

or maybe this is just for regular SA car.. not add ons..


2. robban_9000

2009-08-07 12:15

would be a good thing if it actuelly worked to..

1. Rolts

2009-08-07 08:41

Delete GTA_Material.ms, if you don't want it to import stuff using GTA Materials. Then it will just use the regular Max bitmap materials, so you don't have to convert any materials by hand in order to export to SLRR.

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