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Author / Submitted by: Mariano Metal Dead

Mr. Jolly Fairground

Mr. Jolly Fairground, map of Carmageddon 2

Get ready Carmadictos!!!
The first original carmageddon map.
Mr. Jolly Fairground !!!

Mr. Jolly Fairground, map of Carmageddon 2, with bots followers (is the most aggressive I could achieve).

The map uses 6 bots that try to aggressively follow, the faster you go you will do more harm (if they are close to you and you move slow only follow you).
These bots are a little silly remain locked up easily.
The car is used by bots "Nonus", this can cause errors if you do not have that car.
You can make your car then appears on the map if you saved with one of the following name: funfair1, funfair2, funfair3, funfair4, funfair5, funfair6 .


Crashing into fences strongly there may be problems.

Having so many cars on the map can cause the destruction of the world.

There are errors in the textures (glasses are not transparent for some strange reason and need a little texture close cold place).

Some posters on one side not seen.
And some other error.


Not reupload without my authorization.

It is my first map.

Fun and try to complete a lap on the track with 360 rotation.

Thanks to Sterling for helping with the texturing.
Thanks to Miran to create the Track Wizard tool.

Sorry for the English. Tags: Carmageddon 2 , Mr. Jolly Fairground

Download: Mr. Jolly Fairground

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2016-04-19 10:36

@Sterling Any suggestions on how to fix that? Can´t have something that limits what you can and can use without errors. Also, you mentioned that your game was modded in a certain way, now I wonder in what way then.

5. Sterling

2016-04-18 20:21

Works fine on my dev game!! :D

@PXRZ - You had the same error reported on the Nurburgring-Nordschleife track [see comments http://streetlegalmods.com/downloads/game/tracks/Nurburgring-Nordschleife-2-FIX-1-by-diegorborges] so I beleive this is a issue with your game not the map.

4. Mariano Metal Dead

2016-04-18 19:48

Does the error appears when you use the map with bots?


2016-04-18 18:00

During start up it immediately shut down as if there might either be a missing file or a faulty line (a .java/.class or .rpk written to a different directory) as I experience this acts behaviour wise.

2. Mariano Metal Dead

2016-04-18 17:24

When did this error?


2016-04-18 12:46

Cheers mate for more maps, will there be cars too?

EDIT: Got some bad news....

!JVM::compileSource: recompilation needed of "system\scripts\render\osd\src\Dialog.java" but source not exists
Delete (system\scripts\render\osd\Dialog.class): Katalognamnet är felaktigt.

!JVM::compileSource: file not found: "system\scripts\render\osd\src\Dialog.java"
!ConstantPool::ioRead: unknown CPN type: 10
!ConstantPool::ioRead: unknown CPN type: 1886999653
!ConstantPool::ioRead: unknown CPN type: 16777216
!ConstantPool::ioRead: unknown CPN type: 67108864
!ConstantPool::ioRead: unknown CPN type: 83886080
!ConstantPool::ioRead: unknown CPN type: 16777216
!ConstantPool::ioRead: unknown CPN type: 117440512

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