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Author / Submitted by: Robban/JAG

Addon 73 Z28 parts

Some new addon body parts for Robban's 73 Z28

Here we have some new body parts for Robban9000's 73 Camaro Z28.

The .rar contains 3 carbon fiber hoods, carbon fiber grille parts, carbon fiber rear bumper, and 2 paintable front bumpers. I never got around to making the carbon fiber front bumpers, so expect an update to this download in the future. But for now, enjoy some new parts! The carbon fiber parts were inspired by the parts made in real life for 1967-1981 Camaros by Anvil Auto.

EDIT: I forgot to thank Robban for the Max files that allowed my to make this addon for the Z28.
Thanks Robban! :D Tags: No tags

Download: Addon 73 Z28 parts

Filesize, kB: 576KB

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12. Gavin cleans lol

2013-04-30 00:01

looks like mc gt b...........

11. Pikatchux

2011-02-12 17:35

he says "create: Undefined GameType Constructor! 0017015F (MC_VT)". he says it only when i put "camz20.rpk" in my game :(

10. Pikatchux

2011-02-12 17:29

they doesnt work... :?


2010-08-20 12:02

Can´t find any rear carbon fiber bumpers. Well exept 4 that it is a GREEEEEEAAAAAAT work done to the camaro z28 doe! :D


2010-08-15 17:06

Use this if have probs, gabberl/others: http://www.easy-share.com/1908847298/1908847298 (Put it in the search-field and if you prefer a new tab just put it there instead). :D


7. gabbernl

2010-07-01 17:51

but wehere is the car itself???

6. Valgus

2010-01-27 03:22

Where could I get the original car, it is not listed in the cars section:( and is this for 2.2.1?

5. JAG

2010-01-02 20:22

Thanks Pops!

4. Pops

2009-12-05 10:27

Nice work JAG!

3. JAG

2009-12-03 22:04

Well, that exactly what my plan with this was. Adding CF textures to existing meshes and adding them as extra parts.

2. crxturbo5

2009-12-03 17:14

nice but you didnt add any new parts :( just added carbon textures well you added new parts with carbon textures!!id like too see some new hoods for this car But it looks Sweet anyway


1. Ruben_AE86

2009-12-03 17:12

looks very good

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