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Author / Submitted by: Mati P

Duhen Mod

Bodykit and other changes for duhen



Plus 2 or 3 more kits Tags: No tags

Download: Duhen Mod

Filesize, kB: 2KB

Downloaded: 3146

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9. Racedriver43

2016-08-07 00:35

Broken link... :(

8. Racedriver43

2016-03-06 01:06

I'm dying without these precious body kits. Please ascend from the heavens and fix the link. :(


7. Speedyfresh1

2013-12-01 00:11

:( dead link


6. SmashingPants67

2013-08-12 22:56

@Yu1SRT: Maybe the link was deleted.



2011-09-27 20:02

Why i cant download it? Its like i reload page. Help plzz


2011-08-01 13:11

For a while ago I was making a fix for this mod which I got atleast some small progress on it and if I´m right the autor is Mati_P. :-)

3. siimu111

2011-08-01 10:08

OMG soo detailed :trollface

2. nemezis

2011-08-01 02:02

workin on it there are several kits

1. Christopher Jason

2011-08-01 01:56

:yuno Pic

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