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Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Bodyparts \ Edited/Fixed HugeWingsPack (2.3.1.)

Author / Submitted by: Saiko.Systems (and Fireful0 for originally creating the mod)

Edited/Fixed HugeWingsPack (2.3.1.)

Edited/fixed hugewingspack

I am a fan of wings, so i got a few wing packs to mod my game... and most didnt fit. i started with 2.2.1 / mwmle2, and had mods to move them to fit, so all was well. i recently upgraded to 2.3.1, and spend some time figuring out how to fix things.... so i did. here is the fixed/adjusted configs for "huge wings pack"

Installation instructions:
1: Download huge wings pack by fireful0: http://streetlegalmods.com/downloads/game/body-parts/Huge-Wing-Pack
2: install that pack
3: download this
4: install this, and overwrite that packs configs.
5: profit.

also good to note that i only tested and adjusted for the duhen.... and on 2.3.1, but i am pretty sure this will work on all versions, and i am hoping it fits as well on other cars.
Now for some pics:
Maybe more editing needed, but manually editing the configs for each wing, then going into game to check, rinse and repeat, is tiresome

also: if anyone more knowledgable than i, could teach me more about modding, it would be appreciated. particularly, right now, i would like to add more nos bottles (specifically the double-bottle from mwmle2) to 2.3.1
Tags: Wings , Edit , Fixed , Pack

Download: Edited/Fixed HugeWingsPack (2.3.1.)

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3. Fireful0

2017-07-31 01:43

No ill feelings at all!
I understand about very few mod creators who created the mods are still around. :))


2. Saiko.Systems

2017-07-30 22:04

Oh, sorry. No ill intent :) i've done edits or compilations of many mods for many games in the past, and do know about getting permission and crediting authors, but it has been my experience original authors are more often than not, unreachable.... which is why i do it this way (I didnt upload your mod, i uploaded config files for it. it is still a requirement to DL the original, which has the class files, meshes, textures, and rpk) not redistributing original work in this manner has been safe thus far. now that i know you're still here, i'll ask though.

1. Fireful0

2017-07-30 13:55

Thanks for updating this to 2.3.1.
You really did do a nice job! Please ask my permission next time before uploading an edit of one of my mods. ;)
Great job on the update, though!

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