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Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Car Mods \ 1966 Ford Country Squire (TRAFFIC CAR)

Author / Submitted by: robban_9000

1966 Ford Country Squire (TRAFFIC CAR)

1966 Ford Country Squire

1966 Ford Country Squire Converted from Forza Motorsport by Robban_9000

Rememeber this is only a TRAFFIC car and it replaces the "wagon" traffic car.

If u use 2.2.1 MWM then u can drive it. It has working light-glow etc.

Alternative link: http://www.speedyshare.com/jjAaE/1966-Ford-Country-Squire-Traffic-car.rar

Have fun!

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Download: 1966 Ford Country Squire (TRAFFIC CAR)

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13. gelenske

2014-06-26 06:44

link off


12. gelenske

2014-06-26 06:44

link off


11. gelenske

2014-06-26 06:44

link off


10. vmo

2013-07-08 09:17

Please, use other link different to gamefront: in Spain and other European countries this server is locked (appears the website, but when you click download and the 4 seconds ends, I have error; speedyshare requires premium).

9. crazyVR6

2013-06-26 20:41

new link please


8. robban_9000

2013-04-23 10:44


7. dG.Cyanide

2013-04-22 21:46

Isn't it Ambush Canyon?


6. robban_9000

2013-04-22 12:34

Its that nfs map, i dont remeber the name, but it is released.

Nope, its like LOD3 or 4


5. mechgt5

2013-04-22 06:51

oooh okay, so i take it this isnt LOD0 or 1?

4. g4tnt

2013-04-22 03:35

great mod mate

3. nukacola cake

2013-04-22 03:08

hey robban nice mod!btw what map is that?


2. robban_9000

2013-04-22 01:22

im glad u like it. And it is pretty low poly, so it works good in the city :)


1. mechgt5

2013-04-22 01:11

This is the most random mod I've seen in a while, really nice though Robban, as expected from you. Haven't actually tested it in the city yet (my city is being heavily modified atm) but wouldn't this promote crashes from the insanely huge bump in polys?

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