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Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Cars \ 1994 Ford Escort Cosworth / RS2000 / CLX

Author / Submitted by: robban_9000

1994 Ford Escort Cosworth / RS2000 / CLX

1994 Ford Escort Cosworth / RS2000 / CLX



Ford Escort Beta By robban_9000.

Mesh info: NFS Shift / undercover / prostreet / selfmade.

Original release: GOM-TEAM 2009. (www.Gom-Team.com)

Beta Release Date: 10-12-2009

Authors Notes: You have permission to upload this anywhere you would like, as long as u put me as the author/maker of this mod.

There might be some bugs on the car.

Fixes by the public are always welcome, as i dont have any time/motivation. Tags: No tags

Download: 1994 Ford Escort Cosworth / RS2000 / CLX

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Downloaded: 21847

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50. adass

2013-07-10 09:00

turbo sounds amazing


49. mike dk

2012-06-27 18:40

*YAHOO* that was what I was looking excellent for drift :alright


48. ViperDent

2012-03-31 12:32

:D Just the pics ate 33 mb


47. ViperDent

2012-03-31 12:30

robban_9000, can I join you and help you build your cars that will be awesome only you need to teach me how, because I really want to do it but I don't know how to start and your mods are God Damn AWESOME !!! *BRAVO* *BRAVO* *BRAVO*

46. ajtyler

2011-06-20 18:59



45. Rottne91

2011-03-15 07:49

tjena du är svensk va?:) jävligt grym bil älskar den moden:D

44. eastham

2011-02-19 17:59

i just like to put in a memorial for my grandads escort born 1991 died 2009 i loved that escort it served him 13 years it was sad to see her go but times have to move on

43. mitch9521

2011-01-14 19:43

for some reason with the RS2000 and CLX whenever i drive more than 80mph the car pulls to the left and when I try to correct it, it spins out! LOVE THIS MOD THOUGH!

42. eastham

2010-12-09 19:10

i love the car thanks

41. benjaboi

2010-10-18 11:26

wow legendary, but 71MB??? lol that must be a lotta polyies in there, i hope it dont bog my putah, im stuck with an intel celeron


40. playbcrich

2010-10-01 02:12

im having a problem with the tires and the stock steelie not being visible in the catalog. as in i can buy them and install them and not look at them and the stock tyres are white and have no tread pattern. what is wrong?

39. WeeD_SmokeR

2010-08-09 13:37

Link is off :S

38. redline_racer

2010-08-04 05:46

this is sooooo awesome but why are all robbans cars so large?

37. orion

2010-07-17 14:31

71 Mb of pure style and power! great job Robban as usual. i wonder if you someday will make the Ford Orion model, that would be great ( its the car i own btw)

36. SqualleD

2010-07-04 08:43



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