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Downloads \ Street Legal Racing: Redline \ Cars \ Nissan Skyline r34 MEGA MOD v0.8

Author / Submitted by: Robban_9000

Nissan Skyline r34 MEGA MOD v0.8

Alot of parts and kits!

Nissan Skyline r34 MEGA MOD v0.8

For this mod to work properly please use Timeks RB engine: http://www.streetlegalmods.com/page.php?al=Nissan-Engine-Pack-FIXEDLEMWM&highlight=NISSAN%2BENGINE

Big thanx to NRT team for fixing the catalog problems!!

Alternate link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/21171537/R34+Mega+By+Robban_9000.rar Tags: No tags

Download: Nissan Skyline r34 MEGA MOD v0.8

Filesize, kB: 62KB

Downloaded: 19111

report broken link

43. theass159

2015-06-30 03:55

add a batteries suspention and engines kits whit this car . it would be perfect X-( >:) :))

42. Mascara

2013-07-29 21:25

The link is down, fix it please


41. drift blue

2013-07-17 13:36

robban_90000 why the car dont have enargy


40. Iacoskyline

2013-06-07 12:33

oh nooooooooo the link dosnt work :ffuu :ffuu :ffuu :ffuu :ffuu :ffuu please please reupload new link please it a fantasctic mod this pleaseeeee

39. hungarianfreak

2012-12-09 10:43

Big thanks, I was waiting for this pack like two months ago.:D

38. Bigstank

2012-11-29 16:19

37. hungarianfreak

2012-11-26 16:55

Please reupload to Mediafire!


36. Winde

2012-09-14 22:35

Installed the car and engine in the link, getting this error:
!Script error

Thread: THRD-RUNVMI Dummy.handleEvent
Error: name cannot be parsed

java.game.parts.engines.Baiern_Emer.Baiern_alternator:addStockParts (line:37)
java.game.parts.Part:addPart (line:717)
java.game.parts.engines.Baiern_Emer.Baiern_Devils_6SFi_3_6_block:addStockParts (line:110)
java.game.parts.Part:addPart (line:717)
java.game.parts.bodypart.Chassis:addStockParts (line:897)
java.game.cars.Baiern_CoupeSport_GT_III:addStockParts (line:146)
java.game.Vehicle:<init> (line:78)
java.game.CarMarket:enter (line:315)
java.game.GameLogic:changeActiveSection (line:706)
java.game.Garage:osdCommand (line:1259)
java.render.osd.Gadget:sendMessage (line:211)
java.render.osd.Button:click (line:31)
java.render.Group:handleEvent (line:178)


35. geoacuraisuzu

2012-08-24 23:50

cant download link doesnt work properly

34. RobertZX

2012-08-05 15:01

What are the rims in the r=third pic? look so good on the car lol


33. VonIhlen

2012-07-30 21:06

For some reason the used car lot crashes with this installed.. Im using the stage1 game pack

32. xIs0BiHx

2012-06-28 00:34

best car ever :somuchwin


31. maric

2012-06-21 22:53

WOW, amazing man .... amazing

Im using MWM with heavy mods and no error reports for anyone worried, great job as usual robban!

30. Bakasashushi

2012-06-06 20:44

!Script error

Thread: THRD-RUNVMI Dummy.handleEvent
Error: name cannot be parsed

java.game.parts.engines.Baiern_Emer.Baiern_Kraftwerk_2_5_intake_manifold:addStockParts (line:83)
java.game.parts.Part:addPart (line:717)
java.game.parts.engines.Baiern_Emer.Baiern_Devils_6SFi_cylinder_head:addStockParts (line:74)
java.game.parts.Part:addPart (line:717)
java.game.parts.engines.Baiern_Emer.Baiern_Devils_6SFi_3_6_block:addStockParts (line:160)
java.game.parts.Part:addPart (line:717)
java.game.parts.bodypart.Chassis:addStockParts (line:766)
java.game.cars.Baiern_DevilSport:addStockParts (line:147)
java.game.CarSelect:osdCommand (line:553)
java.render.osd.Gadget:sendMessage (line:211)
java.render.osd.Button:click (line:31)
java.render.Group:handleEvent (line:178)

WTF is thiS problem???

29. Bakasashushi

2012-06-06 20:31

help....when i click baiern it error


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