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Author / Submitted by: Robban_9000

VOLVO 850R 97 (Diffrent models)

Volvo 850 converted from Forza motorsport 4

Volvo 850 converted from Forza motorsport 4 by; robban_9000

This mod is not perfect in sense of 3d etc..
It could be better. But im happy with the result, and i hope you guys are to.

There are 3 diffrent version that u can buy;

*VOLVO 850 GLT 97

*VOLVO 850R 97

*VOLVO 850 T-5 97 Custom

Also, there is a paintjob template in the TEXTURES folder, if u want to make ur own paintjob for it!

Also, there is a paintjob template in the TEXTURES folder, if u want to make ur own paintjob for it!

I dont know about bugs etc, i havent tested it that mutch, but it should work good.

Have fun, and post many pics of this car in the "Showoff" topic now! ;)

Greetings, Robban.

Alternate link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/22371452/Volvo+850R_FM4+.rar Tags: No tags

Download: VOLVO 850R 97 (Diffrent models)

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36. omega123

2015-07-11 07:48

somebody redo the 940! I know somebody tried and failed but my dad used to have a 940 Wentworth special edition. THE NOSTALGIA!!!!! I would be unbelievably thankful

35. Sterling

2015-01-13 13:47


34. pontuslol99

2015-01-12 13:03

robban kan du fixa 740 eller någon annan volvo kanske v70 eller nogon volvo;)


33. BeaverFromSweden

2013-07-28 21:53

Fy fan va jag 'a'lskar dig Robban!!!! <3


32. ronkeballen

2013-05-25 21:47

Fix the link please!! Gamefront = completely useless.


31. djarv1

2013-04-06 17:00



30. Ponco

2013-03-19 17:33

Plz fix the Downloading file ?


29. pebexxa

2013-01-18 02:49

can someone fix the DL?

28. munktorparen

2012-12-28 22:04

Snälla fixa länken! :D


27. lowdead14

2012-11-17 14:28

Länken funkar inte! desperat, snälla fixa det! xD


26. LillSotarn

2012-11-15 01:16

Robban can your try make a volvo 740? and some volvo engines like! 850 T5, 240(b21) and 740 turbo intercoler/ 16 vale


25. knutten

2012-10-31 23:58



24. knutten

2012-10-31 23:58

pleas robban cane you crate a volvo 142 on streat legal racing robban rules i love youre cars pleas crate a volvo 142 :) :awesome

23. SPD13TDI

2012-10-12 12:00

22. zachisbeter

2012-10-10 21:02

my grandma's car :trollface


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