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Author / Submitted by: Roli, Bad Wolf

Audi A8 for 221 MWM

This Mod is older than three Years!!! so dont expect much!

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Download: Audi A8 for 221 MWM

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Downloaded: 14771

report broken link

14. Lenny93

2017-03-12 21:02

new link pls

13. naterade

2011-02-03 00:36



12. Fry02

2010-09-28 11:06

Reupload as fast as you can please. Or I kinda die without it


11. Maniac Driver

2010-08-04 16:01

Where are the panels of the doors? The car has nothing inside!

10. SLRass

2010-06-08 03:51

plz reupload it!!!


9. Jase Trenner

2010-04-06 11:25

I lyke tht car, but i can't download, help me please:(

8. Dopey_1974

2009-10-04 07:56

wORKS FINE IN 2.30le


7. taz1vas

2009-09-28 13:19

mirror1 link fixed DON'T WORK


2009-09-28 06:19

WTF I have question, you cant answer ?

5. Roli

2009-09-27 15:28

mirror1 link fixed


4. Dante666

2009-09-27 13:50

dead link

3. RobbiE

2009-09-27 13:42

Lol, forget what I said. As fast as I commented I got connection to the file.

2. RobbiE

2009-09-27 13:42

I can't download it.
Rapidshare doesn't allow me and either does Mediafire for some reason. It's just this car that doesn't work to download at mediafire. Plz help me out.

1. Roli

2009-09-26 17:53

if u have problems, try to fix it on your own, this mod is damn old and unsupported! For 221 MWM, but should work on 230LE too.

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