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Author / Submitted by: Robban_9000/Diegorborges

BUICK Regal GNX -87

Model from FM3

Well, here it is. Might have some bugs.
The paintjob only works on the STOCK GNX. Here is the paintjob: http://www.gamefront.com/files/20636318/save.rar
The models in this mod are:

+ BUICK Regal GNX -87
+ BUICK Regal Sport Coupe USED -87
+ BUICK Regal Sport Coupe -87
+ BUICK Regal T-Type Coupe -86

It has gone through a D-SPEED tuning made by Diegorborges, and he also made a standalone v6 eninge with uniqe sounds just for this mod.

For those with the clickdef error, here's the fix: regal_quickfix_1046.rar

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Download: BUICK Regal GNX -87

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64. robmar429

2015-07-16 15:14

hovv do i get the mountain devv paint job man i vvould love it but the link is dead


63. Daequil

2014-12-06 22:32

I have found a download link after searching the Googles for about half an hour

62. Zeprarex

2014-05-05 01:42

yyyyyy 404 not found! :(


61. probsty

2014-01-19 18:19

if someone has this reupload somewhere and pm me the link so i can fix it


60. robwilson1992

2013-12-07 22:48

cant download error 404 lol new link plz when i try to download is when i get there error so can some one sned me the files or send me a link plz thank you

59. mr1

2012-10-30 13:05

wow nice car but one problem when I use the adjustable transmission the car doesent move even if I shift manually and rev. anyone else have this problem ?

58. matti_95

2012-09-04 17:23

Nice car

57. RedCarDriver

2012-04-18 04:23

@ HahaWaitWat: You are probably using 2.3.0LE and the engine is scripted for 2.2.1 Base and/or MWM. Use RPK Convert / Decode Tools and both of these tutorials to fix it. Alternatively, use 2.3.0LE BORAT to convert it - using BORAT is faster, but is more likely to cause bugs than doing it (correctly) yourself.


56. HahaWaitWat

2012-02-05 08:56

Love this mod! One problem though, I can't find the engine anywhere, I mean I found some of the parts but they're in the V16 category when all the meshes and textures say V6. I installed it correctly, so any idea what could be wrong?


55. JoNnii

2012-01-17 17:20

Love your last screen.
Epic junkyard car <3
Great work dude!


54. mitsos

2011-12-16 17:29


53. TheProGamer

2011-10-11 16:39

52. JAG

2011-08-19 16:17

They are Diamond Racing wheels. They come in one of Franco's rim packs.

51. Vieites GT-R

2011-08-18 23:32

What are the wheels of the third image posted on top...
Send me the link or name them for me to donwload... please...

Oh the car is very well done ... Perfect...

50. maryus_x90

2011-08-15 10:54

i do must find that trick with used paintable parts...lol xD


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