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Author / Submitted by: robban_9000

Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z

Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z

FIXED; Now it doesent crash the game if u dont have the escort rs installed at the same time.

Might be some bugs. I want comments of what u think! :)

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Download: Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z

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39. curbo34

2013-12-21 14:06

link not working :(


38. Tinman1287

2012-01-29 09:26

Can someone please fix the link?
This is a car I would really love to try.


37. 3dracer01

2011-08-26 15:27

link dosent work


36. boutila5852

2011-01-22 00:49

i like this mod i love irockss nd when i go to play this it betta be in the dealer lol i like the mod its varyy niec but you should make a z24 cavailer thatd be a really nice car


35. nismo96

2010-11-13 13:25

Please create Chevrolet Corvette zr1


34. nismo96

2010-11-12 11:41

Awesome job man speed gauge is vrey realistic When I drive with 100km\h on gauge show 60mp\h

10x for upload


33. nismo96

2010-11-12 10:37

I love camaro Irock-z.Nice job man.Please create roadstar version


32. xhizorz

2010-10-24 04:58

Help i put this in the right file but i cant find it in game

31. Riqitch8

2010-09-17 08:08

robban your the best make more cars like Japanese cars


30. sixohthree81

2010-09-07 12:16

link worked fine for me


29. chevyboy

2010-07-22 23:05

link is broke

28. spike420

2010-07-17 03:17

beautiful car, very awesome job, my new favorite mod for slrr

27. redline_racer

2010-06-30 11:12

why tha fuk would you want to have a v10/12 american muscle car. anyway USE SLRR EDITOR

26. drewster

2010-06-28 21:17

wow this is great ;) i love it 1 suggestion though. can you make it V10 or V12 compatible? just a suggestion oh and another thing can you turn all the rims into a pack because i can think of ten cars off of the top of my head that those rims would be great on!

25. nk748

2010-06-23 00:59

I just deleted an entry in the rpk it was the one that gave the superID for wings, see what i'm talking about?


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