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Author / Submitted by: onyx20,the best moder

Einvagen Cabrio Gt

Hello guys.This is the Einvagen cabrio.The original author is onyx20.But it was replacement.So I made it standalone,it doesnt crash.It uses LS Engine which you can find it at vstance.It works at 2.2.1 mwm.I have to fix some hoods and one rear bumper.I hope you will enjoy.

Tags: Slrr , Einvagen , Cabrio , Gt

Download: Einvagen Cabrio Gt

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7. the best moder

2017-04-20 08:06

NO,it isnt racecar.It is a cabrio Einvagen

6. the best moder

2017-04-18 03:25

I am making sources.If you want and for parts you have to wait.

5. Krimzon

2017-04-17 03:33

Do you have full sources? Can't get this to work in 2.3.1 unless it has full sources, many things need changed.

4. the best moder

2017-04-14 03:44

Thanks Krimzon.I always look at the internet for this type of cars.I have found many at Kietekas.As for the ls I believed that it would be funny for this mod.

3. Krimzon

2017-04-13 21:32

I'm with gorgoil,my personal opinion is if a mod car uses a mod engine by default, it should either be included or changed to stock when released.
Even more so since work was done to make it standalone.

Other than that I have a real want for more mods built for the shipped game cars, so thanks for making it standalone, if you need any help with fixing scripts, for any car, let me know.

2. Evoix9man

2017-04-13 19:00

Because racecar lol

1. gorgoil

2017-04-13 18:02

Why it uses a ls and not an i4? o.O

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