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Author / Submitted by: Thyago95

Honda Civic EJ2

Correct one

Novo Honda Civic EJ2

3d by me and forza(Thyago95)
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Download: Honda Civic EJ2

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1. Krimzon

2017-03-26 03:18

Currently working on cleaning up the script for this and fixing a few things, like drivers seat being on the left while the car is right side drive, realigned muffler, fixed engine slot placement, enabled stock and mod-added wings, fixed wing slot, fixed phys mesh placement on doors causing them to catch on road when tipping, cleaning up running gear placements, and possibly other fixes I'm forgetting atm. Oh and I've got it working in 2.3.1

I'm about 75% complete, so about a day or 2 and should be done.
Thyago if you're still around, contact me and I'll send to you to re-upload.

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