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Author / Submitted by: Thyago95

Honda Civic EJ2 (Rescripted and fixed)

Honda Civic EJ2 by Thyago95 Rescripted and fixed for 2.3.1 by Krimzon

Rescript and fix of Honda Civic EJ2 by Thyago95 that you can find Here

So many changes and fixes, some I may have forgot and not have listed here.

-Improved physics, does not tip!
-Fixed stock wing rendering the same mesh as roof wing.
-Drivers seat now renders on the right side.
-Door names now reflect drivers seat position. eg, right side door is drivers door.
-Fixed stock dash placement. (was rendering in hood)
-Fixed click for custom dash, now its alot easier to paint. (had same click as stock but the meshes have different origins)
-Cleaned up Catalog, custom body parts now in "aftermarket".
-Fixed a set of mirrors being placed in "windows and lights" in catalog.
-Stock exhaust no longer flags as illegal part.
-Changed slots for nos, now you can have two small bottles in trunk, and one large bottle in place of passenger seat. *must remove seat*
-Now comes stock with Einvagen GT engine, Used dealer will on rare occasion have a more powerful engine.
-Clean chassis only spawns in used dealer. (I feel that's more of a custom job)
-Regular chassis now comes stock with friso's [decorative strip] for chassis, doors, and quarterpanels when bought from dealers.
-Renaming in all scripts to use unique car name, should be standalone.
-Removed unused files and scripts
-Added swaybar slots [not sure if it helps but it's nice to have]
-Fixed slots for wings now allows custom wings other than just the ones in mod.
-Fixed script for adding a wing [in used dealer based on power descriptor] now the wing is black by default but is in fact paintable.
-Changed the wing given to Civic's stock wing.
-Various other clean-ups and changes

Currently no known bugs
If you find any let me know.

Tested with 2.3.1 Tags: Honda , Civic

Download: Honda Civic EJ2 (Rescripted and fixed)

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