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Author / Submitted by: blast

Mad Mike's Formula D Miata

Red Bull Miata v2 fix physics by Simoskoroxenossi

Updated 4/9/2015 Fix physics by Simoskoroxenossi

3d Model from Project Cars
Converted by Blast
physics by Simoskoroxenossi


- Comes complete in catalog
- Paintable chassis and interior
- Bensopra wing
- Front Crash bar
- Rotiform SLC deep dish
- Nice Steering wheel and seats
- Yellow headlights
- Custom 3D tires
- fake 26btt engine
- Livery paint picture need to setup for paintjob
or use default_red.png by replacing car/textures.

Tags: Mazda Miata Drift Rotary

Download: Mad Mike's Formula D Miata

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10. blast

2016-05-01 13:47

Thanks to Simoskoroxenossi on the physics his a good drifter on slrr. The engine is fake.

9. exoti1c

2016-05-01 11:19

thank you for updating the physics i knew there was a problem with the physics

8. Zeprarex

2016-04-10 05:35

is the engine supposed to work?

7. Zeprarex

2016-04-10 05:21

just replaced the mustang that replaced the MC in game, not too happy about that but it works now

6. Zeprarex

2016-04-10 05:11

I keep on getting
Fatal! Missing mesh file
when I go into parts with it, it also crashes when I look at the whole thing, not the chassis

5. blast

2016-03-03 20:54

Put in parts 26b data and rpk file. Then it will appear be in body/other in catalog.


4. Iqbal99

2016-03-01 04:30

How to install fake 26b to car?

3. exoti1c

2016-02-25 18:54

its not the engine its the way how high the car sits and how lightweight it is

2. Fireful0

2016-02-21 16:58

Maybe it's your engine?

1. exoti1c

2016-02-21 16:54

please update this mod every time i try to go on the gas it pops a wheelie :/ :/

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