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Author / Submitted by: Maru85

Mercedes - Benz 190E

2.3.0 LE

Modeller-Chassis : GTA Modder & Maru

Modeller-Engine : Invictus ? & Maru

Modeller-Parts : Maru

Modeller-Rims : Hard & Maru

Modeller-Mufflers : Hard & Maru

Decals : D.J. Tuning

Scripting : Maru

Converting : Maru

THX to D.J. Tuning for sending me the GTA Modell, to David69 and Raxat for explaining some thing to me.

Known Bugs :

Package conflicts but I don't know why, car has completely new javas. Gauges not showing right speed and RPM.

Put Cars, Parts and decals folder in your Redline folder.

Use it on your own rise.

Have Fun


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Download: Mercedes - Benz 190E

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10. GalaCT_BEAR

2017-08-21 18:43

make a one madza rx7 2011 with wheels pls :3

9. H_I

2012-06-01 15:38

please someone give me a link for mediafire

8. benjaboi

2010-08-21 15:06

wow ily lol :D i had one of these when i lived in germany thankyou


7. Bakkis

2010-06-16 06:40

Can someone convert it to 2.2.1 MWM ? i realy want this car !! :D


6. nilsa

2010-05-19 11:36

good job, i love this car. the best car you can add to the game:D


5. Ivancho

2009-09-07 18:13

amazing :)

4. Roli

2009-09-06 23:48

xD sorry drifter :)

3. Davidov

2009-09-06 14:19

It's LE2MWM, for the last time xD
And the original LE version does work. Not sure about this one, but in theory it *should* work.


2. jonascbc

2009-09-05 14:34

Very nice convention!
But can´t find the engine :( Anyone ells with this problem?
Can remember from 2.30le that it kicked ass! :D

1. diegorborges

2009-09-05 09:05

Fantastic... I love this car and it was a pain that it didn't worked on MWM... Thanks for this! :)

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