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Author / Submitted by: RedCarDriver

Ford Mustang 1993 (Updated Dec 8)

Mustang Cobra, GT, LX ("Foxbody")

UPDATED DEC. 8, 2012

Ford Mustang 1993
by Harrison15
Forza 3 conversion

This is the first major mod I have done (basically) by myself. Credit goes to Turn 10 for the original model and Robban_9000 for exporting the model to 3DS format. Partial inspiration for this mod was Pops / Rexxenexx's much older Mustang mod.

Screenshots of new parts by Daniel. Click to see them in high-res glory.
V8 supercharger hood

Custom notchback rear spoiler & smoked LX lights

Re-textured interior. You can change interior colors by swapping texture files.

Painted GT tail lights

There are three trim levels available.
Cobra: Front - Rear
GT Hatchback: Front - Rear
LX Coupe ("Notchback"):Front - Back
(Sorry for old LE pics. These pics are from before the update.)

Installation Notes

Installation is by the usual method (move the folders to \cars\racers\). It should not be necessary to start a new career - even if you have the old version of the car installed, because no parts have been removed since the last edtion. However, try starting a new career if your game crashes.

This car should run under LE, LE2MWM, and MWM. Tell me (once, please) if it doesn't.

This car uses the standard MC_Prime_Superduty and Einvagen_Duhen_Ishima_Focer engines, plus Diego's D Speed transmission for the latter. Note that the I4 engines are mounted LONGITUDINALLY by default (using custom scripting) and therefore will not show up in SLRR Editor. If you add new engines with SLRR Editor, you will either need to use the adjustable positioning scripts or change the slot IDs of the I4 blocks from "99" to "98" (note that this only works with the Japanese I4s unless you modify the slots).

Enjoy! Tags: No tags

Download: Ford Mustang 1993 (Updated Dec 8)

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17. RedCarDriver

2013-08-21 17:55

The motors are built with Devil's V8 by Mihon, and can be found under "Engines" in the downloads section. If you have 2.2.1MWM, you might instead want to download the mod LE2MWM, which includes a converted version of the Devil's V8.


16. haydenk267

2013-08-21 15:55

how do i get the motors in the picz????

15. A Foam Pillow

2012-12-18 04:02


14. RedCarDriver

2012-12-10 02:07

Oh derp. I WAS going to make a wing like that.

...Version 3, maybe? (Along with Saleen body parts, convertible version, 1981 rear lights to fit European license plates, and a bunch of other stuff I doubt I'll actually end up doing. :-P )

13. oxman99

2012-12-10 00:51

Suggestion (As much as we all like them): Large cowl hood, the Twin turbo hood has more clearence then the cowl right now, I mananged to make a larger one using the converted normal cowl in 3ds, just havnt exported, also an aluminum spoiler for a more drag racing feel, something similier to this:

12. oxman99

2012-12-10 00:43

Looks good Harrision, cant wait to use it


11. arco777

2012-12-09 16:45


10. RedCarDriver

2012-12-09 07:08

Updated! See the rest of the page for a summary of the updates.


9. oskars_davis

2012-08-25 19:50

8. S-Money

2012-07-27 03:46

Buy GT -> Swap to LX bodywork -> Paint red -> Hoon a clone of my car in SLRR.

Good mod!

7. RedCarDriver

2012-07-20 00:55

@ Arco777: Thanks for the modified lens texture, but you somehow discarded the transparency on the image (and thus it is of lesser quality than the original texture). I'll get a fixed version up in a minute.
@ Daniel: Thanks :D


6. Daniel

2012-07-18 17:39

I havent tested this mod so much, but its pretty good so far! I hope to see more mods from you, Harrison! :)

5. RedCarDriver

2012-07-18 16:54

@ Arco777: Thanks. I was considering that as one way of fixing it - thanks for doing it for me and saving me some time. I may have to start using that myself. :P
@ Mitch9521: Some of the tuned variants of the Mustang LX in the dealer come with turbocharged 2.3s (if they don't come with the V8).

4. mitch9521

2012-07-18 07:11

fu*k yeah! gonna make myself a 2.3 Turbo stang :-D


3. arco777

2012-07-18 03:42

Here's a slightly modified texture making the GT taillight lens trim painted black, like on a factory black GT. Mediafire Link

Thanks for the quick response Harrison15, hope you don't mind me offering this modified texture.


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