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Author / Submitted by: RedCarDriver

Ford Mustang 2000 (SN95)

Release 1

Ford Mustang 2000 (SN95)
by Harrison15
Forza 4 conversion

I am releasing this mod now as a preliminary release because I want to get it out to the community as soon as possible, instead of letting it sit on my hard drive and in the beta testers' hands indefinitely. I know a few of you requested some things that I never got around to doing. I apologize for this, and again, this is only the first release; I may end up doing those things in the future, but I want to be able to work on other things instead of letting this be another part of the pile of unfinished projects I have stacked up.

Installation is by the usual method (move the folders to \cars\racers\).

This car should run under LE, LE2MWM, and MWM. Tell me (once, please) if it doesn't.

Before anyone asks, the GT, Cobra R, and Saleen chassis are different! They all have some visual differences, plus some parts don't fit on the Cobra R, most notably the rear exit exhaust pipe.

This car uses the standard MC_Prime_Superduty engine, except the V6 variant, which uses Daywhite's V6 but should also work with Mihon's "Devil's V6".


Original meshes from Forza Motorsport 4 (Turn 10 Studios) and Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights (Juice Games / THQ)
FM4 models provided by Bigg Boss93
FM4 textures provided by Joealex
Juiced 2 models provided by Daniel

Testing by Bigg Boss93, Olympic_Beige, Rokus, Mario, Pro7, JoeAlex, Daniel, and Vygantas
(If you tested the mod and I didn't mention you here, sorry about that.) Tags: No tags

Download: Ford Mustang 2000 (SN95)

Filesize, kB: 17882KB

Downloaded: 7265

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36. Rodmann112312

2017-03-10 03:57

awesome mod! :D :D :D

35. MethaneCNG

2015-10-18 07:26

With the newly rescripted Devil's V8 (Sohc heads , I think it's the first time I see them in Slrr.) and the mustang wheel pack this mod is almost perfect.

34. RedCarDriver

2015-10-17 23:03

I'm working on revising the mod, actually! I have a Terminator front bumper and hood done (mostly), and I'm planning on making the rest of the kit, as well as several other parts; although, that has been on the back burner with the Skyline mod (not to mention real life, lol) taking up most of my attention.

33. MethaneCNG

2015-10-17 19:36

Does anyone have javas to make the car come from the dealer with Ford V8 ? Cool mod anyway , I had it a long ago and I tought it had rubbish physics but I downloaded it a few days ago.. they are pretty good! Hope you release new parts (Terminator ? Vert ?)

32. veyron155

2015-09-06 15:59

when I go buy the V6 Mustang, of this error: Script error

Thread: THRD-RUNVMI Dummy.handleEvent
Error: Thread :: evalName: null.methodcall ()

java.game.cars.Ford_Mustang_V6_2000: addStockParts (line: 258)
java.game.CarSelect: osdCommand (line: 553)
java.render.osd.Gadget: sendMessage (line: 211)
java.render.osd.Button: click (line: 31)
java.render.Group:handleEvent (line 178)

31. omega123

2015-04-05 05:59

Awesome! works Brilliantly with the ford V8 pack 351cid.


30. ikill94

2014-08-13 23:30

harrison, your mods RULE!


29. Dirtbikr98

2014-08-08 16:29

I don't know why but it doesn't have a suspension. Does it use a mod suspension pack that I need to download?

28. oxman99

2013-07-08 16:40

STFU Diax1324 you're to incompetent to know how to install correctly, the mod works fine, its one of the best ones we have - If you can't get something to work, ask for help before slandering the shit


27. Diax1324

2013-07-08 02:39

Doesn't work. Installed it, didn't show up in my vehicle buy menu. Simply broken. Bad mod, downrated.

26. RedCarDriver

2013-04-21 19:18

2013-04-21: UPDATED with fixed versions of the GT and V6 chassis Java files that fix the mismatching wheel bug, as well as some files that make the tail lights a little bit more accurate.

25. RedCarDriver

2013-04-11 03:18

^ Frick. *WALL*

There were a lot of bugs in the initial release, since I added the rims at the last minute and didn't test them. I mostly wanted to get the thing off of my hard disk and into people's hands, so there were a few things I messed up and still haven't fixed. I'll fix that the next time I decide to update things. (Which might be pretty soon, as I also forgot to separate the physics from the Baiern physics in the CFGs.)

24. S-Money

2013-04-11 03:00


One bug I noticed, not terrible but something worth fixing in the future, is that the V6 and GT come with different rims on each side of the car. Devilsports on one side, '95 Cobra R's on the other side. Like I said, not a big deal, but something I figured I'd point out if you haven't caught it.

23. RedCarDriver

2013-04-11 01:57

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

@ Oxman: If I can manage to brush up on my 3D skills a bit, I might do '99-'01 Cobra parts, as those should be easy enough to adapt from the standard parts: the Cobra R front bumper is basically just a lip on the '00 Cobra, though it would take some further cleaning beyond removing the lip. As with most of my mods, I am open to doing further updates in the future if I am sufficiently motivated and not busy with other projects, or if someone else offers to do parts.

The sizing on all of my cars since the Commodore has been on the basis of a constant scalar multiplier from Forza's scale - to be precise, I scale all of them down to 94.08% the size of the Forza source. The number comes from my second and current attempt at scaling the Commodore correctly. However, on second examination, you are probably right that the scale is a bit big - I will probably try 92-93% in the future. (I actually noticed last weekend that the Commodore still looked a tad too big even after the rescaling.)

@ S-Money: That's pretty much what I had figured, as far as the naming. Thanks, though.

As far as a Ford engine pack: I have actually been working more on this project recently, and I just finished modeling some SOHC cylinder heads for the V8. The engine pack will definitely include parts that could be used to build Ford engines (e.g. correct bore and stroke for a Ford 4.6 Modular, 5.0 Windsor, etc.), though probably not any Ford-branded cylinder heads or anything. Hopefully I can post some progress pictures soon.

EDIT: Oh, by the way, don't post in that old engine project thread. I'm only going to post updates on that to my main project thread.

22. S-Money

2013-04-11 01:42

A fellow fox-owner here. I excited to see the Fox-chassis Mustangs(that includes SNs) getting some love here. I'd love to see a Ford engine pack come to fruition.

That being said, "SN-95" spans '95 to '04 in the same way "S197" covers '05 to current cars despite the updates the car has seen. "New Edge" was a term for Ford's design language that used an overall smooth shape while using sharp lines, a design style seen in other cars such as '98 to '05 Focuses(Foci?). I'll refer to non-New-Edge SNs as "Early SN95s," but I guess it's really up to personal preference.

Ok, I'm geeking out a bit. Point is that neither one of y'all are completely wrong, the Mustang mods are exciting, and I'm looking forward to more quality work.


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