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Author / Submitted by: Svander and helpers

Nissan Skyline KPG-C10 GT-R

Nissan Skyline KPG-C10 GT-R by Svander for SLRR 221 MWM.



Forza 4 - Shift 2 KPG-C10 converted to SLRR
Stock rims pack by Svander
S20 1-pieced engine by Svander and Diegorborges.

Special thanks to:
-Diegorborges: For being such a friendly guy everytime and always keeping me in this modding mood. For helping and supporting me every time I needed it. Author of the Engine specs and sounds and also for the Driving specs of the car.
-Joealex: For the model extraction and insertion into the game, also, for lightglows among other things.
-BigBoss93: For helping at the last details such as Glows, car needles and other little fixes.

I hope you like this car as I loved working on it...
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Download: Nissan Skyline KPG-C10 GT-R

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13. JTBryan64

2017-05-01 20:22

I cannot find engine. Where is it located???


12. Camarofan

2013-12-17 18:06

Svander, okay, maybe that's why
Still a sick car, just more work to get the wheels i want, lol

11. svander

2013-12-17 12:31

Camarofan: I used to have conflicts with Franco's wheels and they crashed my game very often so I had to delete them

Pcesar: Because you must buy the car complete from catalog in order to have the engine working


10. Pcesar

2013-12-17 11:49

when i install the engine that came with the "pack" the skyline engine...it dont work says "cylinder head missing"...and i cant put any of the other engine becouse the block stays of the front of the car...



9. Camarofan

2013-12-16 18:42

Slender-It only happens when buying them with the Skyline selected

Svander-what do you mean?

Would be a a conflict with one/some of Franco's wheels?

8. svander

2013-12-16 12:13

MechGT5, It includes the car and 2 more mods so it's a bit heavy yeah

7. Slenderenderon16

2013-12-16 10:21

@Camarofan - i have similar issues, check the error log, if it says something like mixed files, it just means it got caught up, i just did other thing in the game for a while and it sorted itself out! anyway hope this helps!



6. mechgt5

2013-12-16 05:48

20mb?? RAR'd? holy crap lol

5. svander

2013-12-15 22:36

Well, upload those Rs and pass me a link and i'll try to fix them...


4. Camarofan

2013-12-15 22:25

It seems to be the car causing the crash, i bought them in an empty slot, and got tires with the wheels on the car
I don't know if it's buying wheels in general, but other than the RS crash, it's a dope mod/addon man
Gotta get time to drive it

3. svander

2013-12-15 20:26

I have no clue man :/


2. Camarofan

2013-12-15 17:22

Every time i go to get the RS Watanabe's the game crashes with no error
Any idea why?

1. Singh

2013-12-15 16:32

from the pics i've seen this is a very high quality mod

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